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1960 - President-Elect Kennedy: JFK Introduces RFK

Reel Number: 220158-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: USA


TC Begins: 10:16:22

TC Ends: 10:20:00

Duration: 00:03:38

1960 - President-Elect Kennedy: JFK Introduces RFK Press outside Kennedy house. John and Robert Kennedy come out. Various shots press. Robert Kennedy speaks (mos). 10:16:52 Kennedys out. 10:17:05 SOF JFK speaking re Robert & his work w/ the rackets committee. Says he has every confidence he will be good Attorney General. 10:18:01 SOF Robert Kennedy says he is pleased to accept the appointment, knows the problems of law enforcement. 10:18:50 MOS Brothers pose. 10:19:06 SOF JFK speech repeated. Politics; Politicians; Cabinet Selection;

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