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1961 - USA, President Kennedy: Warns We’ll Never Abandon Cuba, 20Apr61

Reel Number: 220539-35

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961,1960

Country: Cuba,EastGermany,USA

Location: East Berlin,Miami, Florida,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 12:24:20

TC Ends: 12:27:21

Duration: 00:03:01

1961 - USA, President Kennedy: Warns We’ll Never Abandon Cuba, Apr61 12:24:25 Demonstration in East Berlin re Cuba crisis - crowds with pro Castro banners and posters. 12:24:47 Large dias; MCU JFK speech: “Any unilateral American intervention in the absence of an external attack on ourselves or an ally would have been contrary to our traditions & to our international obligations; but let the record show that our restraint is not inexhaustible. Should it ever appear that the inter-American doctrine of non-interference merely conceals or excuses a policy of non-action; if the nations of this hemisphere should fail to meet their commitment against outside Communist penetration, then I want it clearly understood that this government will not hesitate in meeting its primary obligations which are the security of our Nation. We do not intend to be lectured on intervention by those whose character was stamped for all time on the bloody streets of Budapest. It is not the first time that Communist tanks have rolled over gallant men & women fighting to redeem the Independence of their homeland. Nor is it by any means the final episode in the eternal struggle of Liberty against Tyranny anywhere on the face of the globe, including Cuba itself. Mr. Castro has said these were mercenaries. According to press reports, the final message to be relayed from the refugee forces of the beach came from the rebel commander when asked if he wished to be evacuated his answer was I will never leave this country. That is not the reply of a mercenary. He has gone now to join in the mountains countless other guerilla fighters who are equally determined that the dedication of those who gave their lives shall not be forgotten, and that Cuba must not be abandoned to the Communists; & we do not intend to abandon it either. 12:27:04 Night. Cubans in Miami stage rally thanking America for its support. Cuban Crisis / Cold War; Loyalty; John F. Kennedy Presidential Speech Excerpts; Bay of Pigs Speech; 1960s; AANE / American Society of Newspaper Editors;

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