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1962 - Newsreel: Navy Nuclear Carrier; Worlds Fair; JFK Rocking Chair; Arcaro Retires; 25 Yrs Ago. Apr62

Reel Number: 220293-22

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962,1960s,1937

Country: Cuba,Dominican Republic,USA

Location: Baltimore, Maryland,Havana,Joliet, Illinois,Lakeland, Florida,Seattle,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 13:21:07

TC Ends: 13:27:14

Duration: 00:06:07

1962 - Newsreel: Navy Nuclear Carrier; Worlds Fair; JFK Rocking Chair; Arcaro Retires; 25 Yrs Ago. Apr62 Intertitle: Naval Might - Enterprise On Shakedown Trip. 13:21:12 Aerial LS of USS Enterprise (CVN-65) worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier at sea. 13:21:16 View along flight deck w/ many planes on flight deck; crew in operations tower jets & others take off and land including radar surveillance plane. Aerial over ship at sea. Military; Navy; Cold War; 13:22:06 Intertitle: News In Brief - Seattle. View looking down over monorail train; interior shot inside cars; above train over street. POV from train. 13:22:28 Interior of Worlds’ Fair buildings, workmen moving around. Ornate metal circular stair case; construction workers assembling ceramic mural. People look at fountain; Space Needle & elevators rising on outside of tower base. POV from elevator rising. 13:23:26 View of Seattle from top, view down to building rooftops. Cityscapes. Exposition Preparation; 13:23:31 Intertitle: Washington, DC. President John F. Kennedy w/ Foreign Minister of Dominican Republic Dr. Jose Bonilla Atiles; ornately carved rocking chair w/ woven back presented to JFK. 13:23:50 President sits, rocks in chair. Gifts; Politics; Diplomats; 13:23:57 Intertitle: New York. Jockey Eddie Arcaro on horse no. 4 w/ garlands. In locker room gathering clothes. Riding winning race horse; waves good buy & walking past empty stands & out gate. 13:24:49 Intertitle: 25 Years Ago. 03Apr37 military parade, crowds on streets, troops on horse back & men & woman soldiers marching on foot. MS Dictator Batista as Cuba celebrates 42nd anniversary of independence from Spain. Anti-Batista; 13:25:14 Detroit Tigers in Spring training at Lakeland, Florida - Mickey Cochrane, Gee Walker, Al Simmons & Hank Greenberg pose w/ baseball bats. CU Pitcher Schoolboy Rowe Professional Baseball training in progress. 13:25:38 St. Louis Cardinals training - Daffy / Paul Dean & Lon W ??. Frankie Frisch hitting. 13.25.57 Dizzy Dean playing golf, SOF: “No I haven’t signed my contract this year yet& don’t expect to unless the Cardinals will pay $50,000. I’m worth at least $400,000 to the ball club, I’m at least worth 50 to myself.” 13:26:14 Posters for Sit Down Strike for beer w/ two picketing outside a tavern - two men with placards. Interior Joliet, Illinois bar - customers stage sit in in protest over price rises for beer. Stunt / Gag. 13:26:44 Golf course at Baltimore Country Club w/ two Black waiters pushing drink cart carrying White waiter to “nineteenth” hole. Two women golfers having cocktails; CU bartender w/ shaker & pouring drinks. Recreation; Oddities; Racism; Racist; Wealth; Compilation; 1930s; Depression; Economics; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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