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1962 - Newsreel: Pet Dog Talking; Reindeer Race; Golf; JFK Throws Out First Baseball. Apr62

Reel Number: 220293-24

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962,1960s

Country: Germany,Netherlands,USA,USSR

Location: Augusta, Georgia,Bernhoven,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 13:29:32

TC Ends: 13:33:34

Duration: 00:04:02

1962 - Newsreel: Pet Dog Talking; Reindeer Race; Golf; JFK Throws Out First Baseball. Apr62 Intertitle: Germany. Woman in doorway as man w/ two dogs / poodles on leash along street & enter house. Dog eating from bowl; owner wipes dog’s mouth. CU. SOF: owner w/ dog - offers dog treat and asks it to say Mama; dog appears to say Mama. CU another dog wagging tail. First dog begging & barking. Stunts; Gags; 1962; Animals; Pets; 1960s; Talking Dog; 13:30:18 Intertitle: Sports - Russia. 13:30:23 Reindeer pulling sled, CUs: Man, woman, child; crowd watching reindeer races across flat field or lake. Traveling shot alongside teams of three & four animals. Winner posing. 13:31:18 Intertitle: Augusta. First three-way playoff in tournament’s history as Dow Finsterwald tees off in Masters Golf Tournament. Crowd watching. Arnold Palmer & Gary Player teeing off. Crowd runs along fairway. 13:31:42 Finsterwald putts & misses; spectators. Player misses long putt. Gary Player putts. Arnold Palmer wins. 13:32:41 Intertitle: Play Ball! President Kennedy & others walk into filled new District of Columbia stadium as Senators vs Detroit Tigers. JFK throws out first ball w/ Senators Everett Dirksen & Mike Mansfield standing behind. CU umpire. Teams playing on field. Professional Baseball; Ceremonies; Ceremony; 1960s; Opening Game; NOTE: If requested will provide 13:27:26 - 13:33:34 (2 cards) at per reel rate.

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