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1964 - Obituary, India: World Mourns Nehru

Reel Number: 220516-21

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1920s-1964,1960s

Country: India,USA

Location: Agra,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 09:47:45

TC Ends: 09:50:23

Duration: 00:02:38

1964 - Obituary, India: World Mourns Nehru Intertitle: World Mourns Nehru. 09:47:50 High Angle / HA LS Taj Mahal. Jawaharlal Nerhu w/ VIPs walking up steps. MLS LA Giving speech to huge crowd (MOS). 09:48:08 Walking w/ Sheik Abdullah re Kashmir dispute w/ Pakistan within a month of death. 09:48:22 CU younger Nehru. Walking w/ group. Mohandas Gandhi talking to small crowd. Gandhi lying in bed, Nehru sitting in room. Out of car w/ others ca 1947. 09:48:49 Nehru with Mountbatten. 09:48:55 Parade for Indian independence August 1947, vast crowds. Nehru at microphones speaking (MOS) Nehru out of plane w/ wife for first visit to United States in 1949, greeted by Truman. Motorcade thru New York City w/ Nehru standing in open topped car waving. Shakes hands Mayor O’Dwyer. 09:49:40 1960 meeting w/ President Eisenhower in White House; shakes hands. 09:49:52 Nehru walking w/ President Kennedy on White House grounds. 09:50:04 Crowd lined outside Nehru’s gates & residence to pay tribute. Indian flag at half-staff. Nehru lying in State, wreath brought in. Obituary; Diplomat; Diplomacy; Celebrity; Death; Political Leader; Politics; India; NOTE: Will provide 09:47:45 - 09:53:39 (4 cards) for per reel rate if requested.

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