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Air Force Now (Pearl Harbor; Leukemia)

Reel Number: 220355-01

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1980s

Country: USA

Location: March AFB, California,minneapolis,Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,St. Paul, Minnesota

TC Begins: 16:01:01

TC Ends: 16:14:21

Duration: 00:13:20

Air Force Now (Pearl Harbor; Leukemia) Title Sequence against dark sky and stars. 16:01:32 Title: Never Again. V/O FDR re attack - Day of Infamy speech (mixed w/ effects). Pearl Harbor ships burning; footage on dock & wounded. USS Arizona burning. Flames and smoke. American flag on ship. 16:02:50 1980s interviews: Hawaiian woman; veteran sailors re memories of event intercut w/ actuality & staged footage. 16:04:34 Planes take off against red sky. 326 Air Div., Wheeler AFB, Air National Guard working w/ AF. 16:05:04 GV Pearl harbor AFB at sunset, men cleaning or repairing planes. Int. Control room & controllers on phone. Scramble called; men climb into fighter plane, takeoff & in flight. VO FDR speech. 16:07:31 VO “Ask not what your country can do for you ...“ JFK 1961 inaugural speech (sound only) w/ staged voting booth. Title: “Please vote” 16:07:56 Title: There Is No Deeper Appreciation For Life Until The Chance Of Losing It Is Real. Maj. Thomas Peter. Title: Against The Odds - The Tom Peter Story Ext. LS 22nd Strategic hospital. Peter narrates VO as examined by nurse. CU drawing blood. Peter out of hospital in slow motion. CU wife talking; Commanding officer. Peter talks of bone marrow transplant. Still little sister who was his bone marrow donor. 16:11:13 Aerial University of Minnesota, St. Paul & Minneapolis, city. CU Peter talking. Commander. 16:12:10 Ext. sign on building: Welcome to March AFB. - Tanker Town USA. Lecture. Plane takeoff. Peter Inside cockpit. Family throwing football in yard. Refueling fighter planes. 16:13:10 Newspaper headlines re his first flight after battle w/ leukaemia. Night landing. Signalman. Peter out of plane low angle shot from bottom of stairs; hugs wife & children. Still Peter in plane. Presented By Your Air Force Cold War; Disease; Recovery; WWII History;

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