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One Week in October Pt. 2 of 3

Reel Number: 220317-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: Cuba,USA

Location: Havana,United Nations,Washington

TC Begins: 22:07:59

TC Ends: 22:18:12

Duration: 00:10:13

Pt. 2 of 3 1962 Cuban missile crisis - American Version Sign: HQ 4080 S W Intelligence Division. Interior examination of reconnaisance photographs, looking over light table. Sign: Strategic Missile Facility GAM 77 Combined Systems. Strategic Air Command dispersal of aircraft. Planes or missiles rolled out of hangars. Bombers & tankers moved to Florida. Atlantic fleet at sea. Polaris submarine on surface. Aircraft carriers at sea. 22:09:53 Sign: Headquarters United States Strategic Army Corp (STRAC). Briefing. Alerted units on training exercise; troops load into transport plane. Aircraft in flight. 1st Armoured Division tanks move from Fort Hood, Texas to Ft. Stewart, Georgia by railroad. Soldiers on transport train. Men & equipment moving towards southern Atlantic coast. Rail crossing at night - RR man w/ signal light - train past carrying military equipment & troops. Formation of fighter planes flying over Miami (?). 22:11:59 Sign NAS. Key West on tower at airfield. Fighters landing. Missiles loaded on planes. AVs airfields show massed aircraft. AVs Hospital tents & ambulances on airfield 22:13:18 Army Air Defense battalion radar trucks - surface to air SAM missiles on transporters. Barbed wire erected on beaches. 22:13:46 Transport plane lands & marines disembarking at Guantanamo. Marine landing team arriving ashore. Women & children evacuated from Guantanamo waiting on dock & boarding liner. US troops wave goodbye. 22:15:21 Other news happening in America: American football match Northwestern v Ohio State. Seattle fair closes. Poster re Elephant sale & baby elephant walking w/ girl. 22:15:53 President Kennedy resumes pre-election touring. President w/ Gromyko. Kennedy in back of limousine w/ advisors. Reconnaissance photos - close shots - Russian Beagle bombers & missiles titled. Map of hemisphere wi/ circles indicating missile target range. 22:16:38 Dean Rusk, McNamara, LBJ into White House; Americans buying newspapers re Crisis - JFK makes TV announcement (SOF) to the Nation re Crisis & what has been happening. Cutaways to people listening & watching on television. Cuban blockade. Cold War; Americana 1960s; Diplomacy; Neighbors;

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