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Post-WWII, Asia: India & Tibetan Refugees; Yenan, China; Communist & Nationalist Truce

Reel Number: 221805-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950,1950s,1940s,1948,1946

Country: China,India,Tibet,USA

Location: Yenan

TC Begins: 00:31:25

TC Ends: 00:37:32

Duration: 00:06:07

Post-WWII, Asia: India & Tibetan Refugees; Yenan, China; Communist & Nationalist Truce Title: India Aids Refugees. CA 1950. High Angle / HA refugees folding blankets in street. Passing crowded tram w/ sign: Tibet Snow, people running & hanging from side. 00:31:36 LS, women & babies camping under arches of overpass (?); huddled on sidewalk, men. 00:31:52 Fruit peddler & others under tree in village; people passing outside entrance to St Stephen's hospital. CUs, baskets of potatoes, onions, & fly-covered squash or melon. MLS Man fanning flies away from watermelon. 00:32:03 MS sign: "Ministry of Relief & Rehabilitation Refugee Information Bureau." LS, wooden building framework under construction. MCU Indian carpenter working. LS brick buildings partly finished; women carrying bricks. 00:32:23 Two Chinese (?) women planting flowering lily in ORIENTAL ROOF GARDEN ATOP RADIO CITY, New York City ca 1950. 00:32:35 1940s Yenan, China. Outdoor class; instructor writing on wall outside of caves. Pan adult men / students making notes. Open air meeting in courtyard, speaker introducing other speaker, CU speaking to group MOS. Women listening, woman stands & asks question. 00:33:09 MCUs Chinese craftsmen working jade (?) to make miniature pagoda. 00:33:22 Intertitle: Last Rites For Mahatma Gandhi. 1948 HA LS massive crowd following procession w/ body on carriage pulled by military thru crowds lining street. Three planes fly-over. 00:33:58 MS of Lord & Lady Mountbatten sitting on ground w/ other VIPs. MCU Indians looking at body of Ghandi w/ flowers. HA Mounted police w/ batons thru crowd. Burning funeral pyre. 00:34:42 Intertitle: Gandhi’s Ashes Find A Final Resting Place. CA 31Jan48. Procession towards camera along wide tree-lined street, marching troops leading large float, CU crowd faces, passing carriage w/ ashes in urn. 00:35:04 People running across dusty field; urn moved to barge; barges on water, people throw flowers on water. 00:35:31 Intertitle: Gandhi Ends Fast As India Promises Peace. LS HA crowd seated & standing. View thru doorway to Gandhi on mattress, people filing past. MCU Ghandi. 00:35:57 Intertitle: Homeless Thousands Still On Move In Divided India. Refugees walking & riding on oxcarts along dusty road. MS passing. Crossing dam / reservoir. Column of overloaded buses & trucks, people on top. GOOD. 00:36:50 Intertitle: China: Gov’t. & Communists Sign Marshall Truce. 10Jan46. LS American flag on pole above stone home on hilltop. General Marshall talking w/ General Wedemeyer. Chinese Zhou Enlai arriving w/ others; posing on steps Marshall & Zhou watch Chang Ch’un sign for Nationalist China. Zhou signs. Chu’un & Zhou shake hands outside building. 1940s; Post-WW2; Communism; Indian Independence; Non-Violence; Non-Violent Resistance; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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