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WWII - 1944, 3rd Army to Metz; Piraeus Freed; Peleliu Taken; Ambassador to Paris; Gandhi & Jinnah; Ploesti Destruction; MacArthur Returns to Philippines

Reel Number: 250045-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France,Greece,India,Pakistan,Palau,Philippines,Romania

Location: Metz,Pacific,Palau,Paris,PELELIU,Philippines,Pireaus,Ploesti

TC Begins: 17:15:13

TC Ends: 17:22:27

Duration: 00:07:14

WWII - 1944, 3rd Army to Metz; Piraeus Freed; Peleliu Taken; Ambassador to Paris; Gandhi & Jinnah; Ploesti Destruction; MacArthur Returns to Philippines 17:15:17 Eisenhower inspects 3rd Army troops in France. Tanks moving up; artillery firing from hilltop. View of shells exploding in town. Howitzer mortars fired in MCU. Bazookas firing, smoke & dirt up from rooftops. 17:15:55 Destroyed store front w/ sign above S.A. Sturm, 3/135. CU of poster & Hitler silkscreen. Destroyed building & jeep down deserted street. 17:16:04 Title: Free Greeks Hail Allied Deliverance. 17:16:09 British navy nears Pireaus, Greece. LS & MS of ships w/ decks lined. Men off to small boats & then onto docks, marching ashore & British troops into Athens on tanks. Crowds in Constitution Square waving to British troops; Placards of Hitler hit w/ hammer & Communist flags waved. Filled square from top of building. 17:16:57 Troops at attention & wreath laying by Premier Papandreou. Bearded rebel soldiers. Acropolis & flag raising, view of city from on top. 17:17:11 Title: Marines Take New Palau Island 17:17:15 Soldiers past devastated palm trees w/ rifles, smoke rising on Peleliu. Men firing mortars, tanks past, flame throwers into caves & Japanese out, shot in back & tumbles dead. Marines picking over. Dynamiting cave. Japanese surrendering. 17:18:05 Title: U.S. Envoy to France Takes Post 17:18:08 Ambassador Jefferson Caffrey returns to France, takes off hat as US flag is raised outside embassy. Marines & others. Interior greeting various VIPs. 17:18:34 Title: Hindu Leaders Hold Confab 19Sep44 LS large house or hotel. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, leader of Muslims greets Hindu Mahatma Gandhi in effort to found separate state. Shots greeting each other, talking on steps; leaving w/o a solution to unity. 17:19:02 Rumanian Bomb Ruins. 17:19:05 General Twining & Gen. Aker out of military plane & greeted by Romanian army & air force officers; touring wreckage of Ploesti oil refineries. Heavy destruction. 17:19:39 First Pictures: MacArthur’s Return To Philippines. Aerial over enormous fleet. In boat to shore, Vice Admirals Wilkinson, Kincaid & Lt. Gen. Krueger facing camera. Animated map showing Pacific Islands & Leyte Island. Ships & small boats to shore. MacArthur w/ corn cob pipe & dark glasses in landing craft; ships shelling shore w/ barrages. MacArthur & ?? watch landings from flagship. View from landing craft going into shore, troops laying in brush on shore. 17:20:48 Sergio Osmena & MacArthur shaking hands & head to shore. US flag flying. Wading ashore & out of water. MCU of Macarthur w/ pipe. Large landing craft unloading troops into the water. 17:21:20 Troops pulling carts, armored forces & tanks past camera. Marines moving thru grass, firing. Destroyed Japanese tanks inspected. People gathering up corrugated metal huts. Heavily damaged buildings. CU kids playing. 17:22:07 MacArthur & others in front of Capitol Building in Tocloban on steps. Osmena speaking at mic. US flag on pole. Buy Bonds The End. Universal Newsreel WW2 European Theater - France; Metz; Fighting; Ike; 1940s; Allies; Propaganda; Greek Liberation; Pacific Mopping Up; Fighting; Dead; Paris Liberation; Diplomacy; US-France; French; Ceremony; Independence; India; Pakistan; Religions; Leaders; Diplomacy; Colonialism; British Imperialism; Oil Fields; Bombing Aftermath;

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