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1990 - 1991, Color, President H.W. Bush: Gulf War Related & 1991 State of the Union Address excerpt

Reel Number: 221358-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1990,1991

Country: Kuwait,USA

Location: DC,Kuwait,Washington

TC Begins: 12:15:30

TC Ends: 12:27:34

Duration: 00:12:04

1990 - 1991, Color, President H.W. Bush: Gulf War Related & 1991 State of the Union Address excerpt 08Aug90 President Bush in White House speaking to television camera (shot by film camera approx. 15 degrees off) announcing troops arriving in Saudi Arabia after long consultations. “In the life of a nation, we’re called upon to define who we are... 12:17:20 “A puppet regime, imposed from the outside is unacceptable. The acquisition of territory by force is unacceptable. ...and no one should underestimate our determination to confront aggression.” 12:17:56 08Aug90 Bush press conference on sending troops to Saudi Arabia: “How many troops have you sent to Saudi Arabia.... “There will be a military briefing at the Pentagon...” They (military) are there in a defensive mode right now; that is not the mission, to drive the Iraqii out of Kuwait...” “We are not in a war. We have sent forces to guard Saudi Arabia. I believe Margaret Thatcher... We are very close agreement w/ Mubarak... 12:20:41 President Bush out of tent w/ tray, troops in camouflage & under netting; Barbara Bush wearing camouflage clothes carrying tray & talking w/ troops; sits down, talks. Pres. Bush w/ statue eating & talking. 12:22:36 Pres. Bush at microphone w/ Senator George Mitchell & Speaker of House Thomas Foley. Bush speaks to military troops about America’s Thanksgiving & unforgettable visit. “May God bless...” 12:24:04 Pres. Bush (same as 12:22:36) challenging Marine winners to Horseshoe tournament at White House. 12:24:53 Pres. Bush & wife talking w/ troops off microphone, background noise. 12:25:33 29Jan91 Pres. Bush State of the Union “What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea, a new world order where diverse nation’s are drawn together in common cause... The community of nations has resolutely gathered to condemn & repel lawless aggression. Saddam Hussein’s unprovoked invasion--his ruthless, systematic rape of a peaceful neighbor...” ...backed up by forces from 28 countries of six continents. With few exceptions, the world now stands as one.” Middle East War; Kuwait Invasion; 1990; 1991; Diplomacy; Politics;

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