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Death of A Star - Marilyn Monroe Dies Tragically

Reel Number: 221729-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1962

Country: England,Korea,United Kingdom,USA

Location: New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 17:00:06

TC Ends: 17:01:42

Duration: 00:01:36

Death of A Star - Marilyn Monroe Dies Tragically 17:00:11 CU Monroe in white w/ fur stole blows kiss to camera & puckers smiling. 17:00:17 Receiving line at Royal Film Performance; in line next to Victor Mature & ??. MCU Queen Elizabeth & curtsy while shaking hands. 17:00:33 Out of jeep to entertain troops in Korea, past camera in army outfit & onto stage in evening gown in front of crowd of troops, singing & dancing. 17:01:00 Posing w/ Joe DiMaggio & kissing on couch. 17:01:10 Posing & descending stairwell w/ Arthur Miller. LS of Times Square at night; CU young autograph hunting fans holding her picture; Monroe arriving for premiere. 17:01:28 On movie set (Some Like It Hot?); MCU motion picture camera. 17:01:34 CU waving from window. Actresses; Sex Symbols; Celebrities; Newsreel Obituary; 1962; Suicide;

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