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Marilyn Monroe Shows, K-2 & K-16, Korea Pt 3

Reel Number: 221066-11

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1954

Country: Korea,South Korea

Location: taegu

TC Begins: 13:19:27

TC Ends: 13:26:37

Duration: 00:07:10

Marilyn Monroe Shows, K-2 & K-16, Korea Pt 3 16-19Feb54 CUs Marilyn Monroe getting out of copter, greeted by Brig Gen McGarr & others. Monroe into a staff car, talks through open window to GIs. MCU Monroe onto stage - vars MCUs dances and sings for the GIs w/ quartet of men accompanying her; off stage & away in jeep. VS Marilyn poses for photos w/ troops; into H-19 helicopter; copter takes off. Marilyn exits helicopter w/ female assistant, greeted by Gen McGarr; poses for more pictures then into staff car. Monroe poses & waves in front of door w/ sign ‘Marilyn Sweetheart of the Bayonet Division’. MS GI adjusts the lights on the stage. Band plays before a huge audience of GIs. 13:23:08 Night scenes: brief shot Monroe arriving. MCU Monroe sings and dances. Daytime: Monroe exits USAF plane at Taegu - greeted by officers and men - CUs - MS Monroe w/ two Korean girls. MS Monroe poses on wing of jet fighter plane - pilot stands on the wing w/ Marilyn. ELS large group of GIs as they mass for the show. LS ‘Grenadier Palace’ stage. MLS male performers sing; Monroe joins them & sings in the rain; sign over stage ‘Welcome to Monroe Valley’. MCUs male performers sing & dance on the stage. 13:25:55 MCUs Monroe sings then exits after her song. Band play. Good. Hollywood Stars. USO.

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