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Reel Number: 220344-06

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s,1950s,1970s,1980s

Country: Korea,Spain,USA,Vietnam


TC Begins: 08:21:21

TC Ends: 08:27:48

Duration: 00:06:27

USO Brooke Shields presents and narrates from Hollywood set. 08:22:19 1940s USO. Hollywood Victory Committee boards train & waves (w/ Babe Ruth). Troops go into Roxy Theater tent in Bougainville for show. Egyptian sphinx; Jack Benny playing violin. Movie stars; Joe E. Brown at mic. GIs & stars - actresses. Stills outdoors performances & audience. Patty Thomas (?) does silly dance w/ soldier. Bob Hope in uniform with troops shaking hands; on stage jokes w/ Patty Thomas. Celebrities / stars visit military hospital. VJ Day in New York City. 08:23:55 Korean War - CU apprehensive soldier looks up. Brief battle shots. Marilyn Monroe out of helicopter. Bob Hope on stage at various locations incl. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 08:24:14 Vietnam War - Helicopter over jungle. Blonde (Joey Heatherton ?) woman on stage disco dancing w/ soldiers (GOOD Colour). 08:24:31 Shields. Montage USO volunteers in field, airport scenes, fleet in harbor. Canoeing. 08:24:59 Concert with Loretta Lynn? talking to audience. 08:25:26 Rock star talks to woman in hospital bed (Base hospital in Spain) then sings patriotic song (bland 80s soft-rock) at concert “God bless the USA... I’m proud to be an American... ‘Caus’ at least I know I’m free” - very emotional audience, cheering, CUs crying, shaking fists, singing along. Presented by Your Air Force. US Military Troops entertainment; Patriotism; Promotional; 1980s Entertainers; NOTE: USERs are responsible for clearing any underlying rights.

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