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1985 - Color, President Reagan: Lunching With Advisors, Geneva, Switzerland, 18Nov85

Reel Number: 221610-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1985

Country: Switzerland

Location: Geneva

TC Begins: 06:04:36

TC Ends: 06:12:06

Duration: 00:07:30

1985 - Color, President Reagan: Lunching With Advisors, Geneva, Switzerland, 18Nov85 Reagan into room, talks about sleep & sits down on couch; advisors all sit down & some one asks Reagan “Are you grumpy today?” Reagan acts surprised, someone says someone else has said he was grumpy yesterday. “Must have been Helen Thomas...” Reagan: “I gave her the choice of two words...” Reagan describes the day’s schedule “Well as you know this is a briefing...and after we have a working luncheon....” 06:06:41 Luncheon table setting w/ flowers in middle of table & US government seal on plates. 06:07:45 Waiters standing & pose for the cameraman & still photographers. Joking. 06:09:26 Advisors & Reagan enter & sit down. Chief of Staff Donald Reagan: “Now before we get started can I say something about this? I would not want under any circumstances that any of us mention to the press in any shape or fashion that we rehearsed the President or we went thru play acting w/ somebody taking the part of Gorbachev; that’s the last thing in the world we need out in the press, so for heaven’s sake keep it in this room, please.” George Schultz: “We did it in the first campaign, I remember David Stockman; and look what happened to him (laughter). Remember he played Carter, Mr. President?” Reagan: “Yes, he was much better; I had a lot more trouble w/ him than I had w/ Carter (laughter).” Explained to President that Gorbachev in talking to Americans feels the Russians aren’t treated as equals; then speaks in Russian imitating Gorbachev. POTUS: Geneva Summit Conference; Rehearsals; Humor; Joking; Jokes; Politics; Political Planning; 1985; Note: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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