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1985 - Color, President Reagan: Shevardnadze Visits White House, 27Sep85

Reel Number: 221610-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1985

Country: USA,USSR

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 06:12:09

TC Ends: 06:25:39

Duration: 00:13:30

1985 - Color, President Reagan: Shevardnadze Visits White House, 27Sep85 Shevardnadze signing Guest Book at desk, smiling. Schultz talking to Soviet delegation. 06:12:59 Reagan standing waiting, Shevardnaze introduced & w/ translators talk, sit as photographers take pictures, much chit chat (mostly by Sh.) about the weather as photographers taking pictures. Pan over photographers, back to Reagan & Sh. Sit for various groups of still photographers. A few questions to Reagan but no real answers. 06:20:22 George Bush comes in, introduces himself & shakes hands w/ Sh. They all stand for pictures. 06:20:58 CU Reagan turns & meets Dobrynin (?). Greets others. Reagan sitting w/ translation ear piece talking to Sh. thru translators, says the image of US in the Soviet press is less than flattering. Other US & USSR officials sitting. Shultz points out problem w/ translator who switch & start again. Reagan he thinks they need to get beyond stereotypes. 06:24:00 ”Our philosophies & political systems are very different & will remain so; but at the same time we live in this one world together & we must handle the competition between us in peace. Neither of us will allow the other...reduce nuclear arms, there will never be a better time than now. I would like to discuss several points: why the Soviet Union should feel threatened by us when we have never started a war, and never will. ...see your military build up & your attempts to expand your influence in the world as threatening to us. And this is why we are rebuilding our own strength. We feel we must defend ourselves & to make sure war is never conceivable. But we need to go beyond that in our discussion of our rivalry. I would like to share w/ General Secretary Gorbachev our hopes & our plans. We both have much to do at home & if we understand each others priorities better (abrupt ending). POTUS: Geneva Summit Conference Preparation; Diplomacy; Photo Opportunity; Politics; Political Planning; 1980s; 1985; Press; Journalists; NOTE: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Note: Tape LN 801-004 from Reagan library had glitches: 06:15:45:04 - 07:15:51:15; 06:19:26:05 - 06:19:32:15; 06:21:01:06 - 06:21:05:18; 06:22:53:05 - 06:22:57:16; 06:25:09:01 - 06:25:12:09.

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