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1985 - Color, President Reagan: Toasts by Reagan & Gorbachev, Maison De Saussure, Geneva 20Nov85

Reel Number: 221612-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1985

Country: Switzerland

Location: Geneva

TC Begins: 10:39:25

TC Ends: 10:51:40

Duration: 00:12:15

1985 - Color, President Reagan: Toasts by Reagan & Gorbachev, Maison De Saussure, Geneva 20Nov85 Int. CU Reagan seated at dinner table next to Shevardnadze, giving toast while seated while translator translates. “...what ever we fail to agree on, one important decision was that we would continue to meet like this, and so each of us has accepted the invitation of the other to visit our two countries & continue these meetings... “one of the early leaders....Tom Paine, said in those dark days when they didn’t know if they would be successful or not...we have it in our part to start the world over again. I think some of that is present in what we have been doing...so I believe we have started something here... My toast is to all of those that we can deliver to them something better...” Clinking glasses. 10:44:10 Polite applause 10:44:21 Gorbachev gives toast: “I would like to continue and to say w/ a sense of realism, tonight I am more confident & more assured that we have started something as you have said... “We have made a certain start for a new phase, we have started in this manner then this in itself is very important. I believe we still face those difficulties ahead... I would like to invite you Mr. President to exert mutual understanding...moving along this road...to find ways & solutions...we have different opportunities these days to speak privately... Let us move towards each other, understanding & realizing our responsibility towards our nations & the world... I would like to propose this toast...” Clinking glasses. 10:51:15 Polite applause. US-USSR Summit; Diplomacy; Geneva Summit Meeting; 1980s; 1985; Diplomats; Negotiators; Press; Formal Meeting; Cold War; Emotional Speeches; Note: Credit to be given “Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library”.

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