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1985 - Color, President Reagan: W/ Gorbachev Arrival At Fleur D’Eau; Soviet Mission, Geneva 19Nov85

Reel Number: 221612-02

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1985

Country: Switzerland

Location: Geneva

TC Begins: 10:17:38

TC Ends: 10:28:54

Duration: 00:11:16

1985 - Color, President Reagan: W/ Gorbachev Arrival At Fleur D’Eau; Soviet Mission, Geneva 19Nov85 Daytime & press waiting arrival. limousine of USSR, Gorbachev out & greeted by Reagan w/o coat. Stand & pose for the photographers, Gorbachev gestures at lack of coat. 10:18:48 Int. & sitting talkign w/ each other while cameramen take pictures & film. Reporter asks questions of Reagan. One to G. “Mr Gromyko says you have a nice smile but iron teeth, what do you say to that?” “It hasn’t been confirmed as of now I’m still using my own teeth.” 10:20:20 CU smiling Reagan w/ flashes. “We had a cordial greeting...” CU Gorbachev. 10:20:51 Group into room by fireplace w/ aides & translators. CUs & they talk as still photographers. 10:21:32 Color bars. 10:21:37 ext. Soviet Mission. Press waiting. View of Swiss flag, lake. CU USSR flag on limousine. 10:22:28 Cameramen in heavy coats at foot of ext. steps, move up & into room. Reagan & G. at end of table, reporter asks why meeting has been going on longer than scheduled: R.: “Because whoever was scheduling didn’t allow enough time.” CUs. G. thinks its a good sign. Diplomats sit back at table, Gorbachev opens briefcase, pan to Reagan, Schultz & Regan. Lights down, camera keeps rolling. 10:25:29 Color bars. 10:25:49 Night, arrival of Secretary of State Schultz for dinner given by G. at USSR mission, greeted by Shevardnadze, Dobrynin & others; into mission. Press waiting behind fence; security watching in leather coat. 10:26:46 Men waiting in drive, Reagan’s limousine arrives w/ Nancy & Reagan. Greeted by Gorbachevs. Wave to photographers & go inside. US-USSR Summit; Diplomacy; Geneva Summit Meeting; 1980s; 1985; Diplomats; Negotiators; Press; Formal Arrivals; Cold War; Note: Glitch at 10:28:47:13 from source tape from Reagan Library. Note: Credit to be given “Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library”.

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