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1987 - Color, President Reagan: TWTW, Cuts of Gorbachev State Visit. 08Dec87

Reel Number: 221255-10

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987

Country: USA,USSR

Location: White House

TC Begins: 20:19:36

TC Ends: 20:26:29

Duration: 00:06:53

1987 - Color, President Reagan: TWTW, Cuts of Gorbachev State Visit. 08Dec87 Assembled crowd , Marine guard blowing bugles & President & Mrs. Reagan announced as they walk out on red carpet. Assembled Honor Guard & others waiting at attention. Horns blown for arrival of limousine & doors opened w/ Gorbachev out & shaking hands, translator along side. With wife Raisa. 20:21:54 Reagan leads to podium where National Anthems announced (not heard). Guns fired. 20:22:43 Reagan & Gorbachev photo op. in White House Oval Office. Helen Thomas tries to raise question about; other as well. Gorbachev asked if he’s brought a surprise for President Reagan re arms talks. MCU listening. Gorbachev: “I don’t think policies are made w/ surprises...” 20:23:59 Reagan & Gorbachev seated at desk signing INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty) as cameras click. MCU of Reagan signing. They exchange pens to applause of press & others. Exchange bound books after signing & shake hands. 20:25:16 Limousine arrives, Mr & Mrs Gorbachev out & greeted by Reagans in formal dress. Turn & pose for cameras. Asked by reporter about a withdrawal date on Afghanistan. They turn & enter White House. 1980s American Government; Presidency; Daily Life; Treaties; Cold War Thaw; USSR;

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