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1989 - US & USSR Joint Ventures Established

Reel Number: 250050-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1989

Country: Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 02:06:57

TC Ends: 02:09:43

Duration: 00:02:46

1989 - US & USSR Joint Ventures Established Visuals from Pepsi Cola advertisement. 02:07:04 LS Pepsi Cola truck w/ awning on Moscow street at Red Square, zoom back to show Kremlin. CU handing Astro Pizza out of truck - sign: First American Pizza in Moscow - Franchises Available. People lined up at window. 02:07:18 Gorbachev walking w/ crowd. Headline: Perestroika... Moscow woman drinking from Pepsi bottle. CU of shoe store window. Packaging conveyor. People at business meeting w/ USSR & USA flags in front as Washington law firm & Soviet consulting group announce joint venture to help other companies set up joint ventures. Cameraman. Speaker: “We want to practice what we preach...” Marjorie Krause at microphone. Int. of MacDonald’s. 02:08:25 LS of tourists across Red Square in front of Kremlin. US & USSR businessmen & women around large table talking. Russian speaks thru translator. 02:09:15 Montage of scenes of food, grocery stores, agriculture, etc. 02:09:29 Pizza truck & people shopping. Economics; Communism; 1990s; Propaganda; Capitalism; Diplomacy; Globalization; Products; Commerce; Foreign Relations; NOTE: Trade Mark may apply. User must determin any additional rights necessary.

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