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Chernenko Funeral

Reel Number: 221137-19

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1985

Country: Russia

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 19:54:09

TC Ends: 19:58:29

Duration: 00:04:20

Chernenko Funeral CU Army VIPs marching behind Chernenko picture in Red Square. Body carried in open casket to mausoleum. Lenin’s Tomb. (SOF) Zoom in on Kremlin clock showing 1.40pm. Workers stop for minute’s silence, remove hard hats, CU sad faces. Int. Factory workplaces as workers stand, CU faces. Stationary traffic, cars honk horns. 19:55:33 (Narration) Moscow, closed coffin on gun carriage pulled by small tank. Soldiers do slow dress march next to caisson. Honor guard goose-stepping. Mourners follow coffin across Red Square. HA Red Square, snow-covered roofs. Military officers w/ portraits & wreaths. GVs crowds watch. 19:57:19 (SOF) Gorbachev gives oration at funeral, speech continues over various shots VIPs & crowd. Ceremony;

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