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USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 3 of 4

Reel Number: 200566-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1987

Country: Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 00:07:52

TC Ends: 00:12:58

Duration: 00:05:06

USIA Television TV Satellite File No. 5000 (sic): USA/USSR Relations, Pt. 3 of 4 CUs of paintings of American West w/ settlers & indians. Two men packing paintings of Wyeth family in crates to ship to USSR. Soviet painting of Russian art w/ paintings in CU. 00:08:15 Gorbachev w/ body guards walking on Washington DC or NYC street & shaking hands. Woman says: “The guys a P.R. genius, jumping out of the car & shaking hands like that.” 00:08:38 Sec. of State Shultz & wife on street in Soviet Georgia. 00:08:49 President Reagan & Gorbachev at attention in front of flags in Washington DC on mall as Reagan greets him. 00:09:07 Graphic of US & USSR flag & talk of 1956 agreement to exchange magazines. 00:09:15 Billy Joel touring Soviet Union. Moiseyev folk troop touring USA. 00:09:32 Statement on “humanizing element” of exchanges. Horowitz playing piano in Moscow w/ audience applauding. Bolshoi ballet dancing in USA. Russian children visiting Lincoln Memorial. Soviet kids on US Outward Bound type obstacle course. 00:10:36 Chautauqua Talks in New York & USSR w/ people speaking & listening. Information USA exhibit in USSR w/ people looking at tv monitors. Russian boy gives impression, subtitled. 00:11:10 US & USSR astronauts greeting in space. Sun over mountain while narrator talks of agreeing to study the threatened ozone layer. 00:11:28 Men signing agreements on studying safety of civilian nuclear power plants. Shultz cutting ribbon w/ Soviet Diplomat for hot-line system re nuclear dangers. 00:11:43 Grain unloading. 00:11:48 Soviet troops on tanks, troops in Afghanistan. US journalist Nicholas Daniloff after spying arrest in 1986 exiting passenger plane; was swapped for Gennadi Zakharov. 00:12:03 US Embassy in Moscow, antennas on nearby rooftops. US marine in handcuffs accused of collaboration in spy mission. USIA Voice of America studio 00:12:29 Dance Theater of Harlem performance. CU two men fitting US & USSR flags on poles. CU pedestrians in CU; Reagan & Gorbachev on platform on mall. Cold War; Cultural Exchanges; Diplomacy; 1980s; Arts; Propaganda;

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