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1920s - Fiume & D’Annunzio; Mussolini; Maxim Gorky

Reel Number: 221721-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s

Country: Croatia,Italy

Location: Fiume,MILAN

TC Begins: 03:24:32

TC Ends: 03:31:59

Duration: 00:07:27

1920s - Fiume & D’Annunzio; Mussolini; Maxim Gorky Young fascist down ship ladder. Walk across hilltop w/ makeshift barricade around it & town in background (Fiume?). Standing w/ rifles w/ bayonets, machine guns on stone wall. (some nitrate damage) 03:25:09 Brief CU of graffiti-like sign w/ names of defenders. 03:25:15 Ext of large government building, soldiers in front cheering man waving from balcony; man leaving thru crowd and bald man, D’Annunzio, waving from car. Arriving wearing cap, out of car. 03:25:55 Two stack naval ship in Fiume harbor from water, pan to another ship. Crowd watching on dock as small navy boat docks, people w/ banner in walking in crowd on dock. 03:26:29 Army (?) truck to checkpoint, drives thru stone barrier; men showing papers to soldiers. 03:26:45 Slug 03:26:47 People applaud, D’Annunzio speaks (MOS) w/ gestures from podium in front. Young men shake his hand, kiss his cheek. 03:27:10 Slug. 03:27:12 Overhead shot of military on horseback leading mourners in front of funeral procession alongside large government building on edge of large plaza w/ Cathedral. 03:28:00 Slug. 03:28:03 Mussolini in uniform & sash leading other Italian military officers; giving Fascist salute passing band. Troops follow marching. Huge crowd filling square w/ banners draped from building; waving, saluting, cheering. 03:29:05 Slug 03:29:09 Crowd at base of ruins or ?? People, government workers?, marching past Coliseum; thru streets w/ placards & banners, some women. 03:29:57 Mussolini gesturing from balcony; down steps. 03:30:10 Slug 03:30:14 LS across large square w/ lined groups of ?? w/ flags. MS of working men & Italian soldiers cheering. People, some w/ umbrellas, watching marching fascist soldiers. Overhead shot (no rain) marchers w/ flags & unit signs. Ground shot of Black Shirt soldiers marching past. 03:31:00 Umbrellas in rain of crowd watching cars / motorcade. 03:31:06 CU in crowd w/ VIP. Mussolini on balcony speaking & gesturing. Sunshine & men raising rifles 03:31:32 Slug. 03:31:35 Maxim Gorky w/ cigarette in holder walking in garden; CU. W/ wife, child, & dog. 1920s (?); Fascist Revolt (?); NOTE: Funeral might be that of Giacomo Matteotti (1924).

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