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1926 Politics - Mussolini; Pilsudski; Theodorus Pangulos; Churchill

Reel Number: 221688-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1926

Country: Greece,Ireland,Italy,Poland,United Kingdom

Location: belfast

TC Begins: 10:09:38

TC Ends: 10:12:54

Duration: 00:03:16

1926 Politics - Mussolini; Pilsudski; Theodorus Pangulos; Churchill High angle of Black Shirt troops marching single file up street; MCU Mussolini w/ son & others on balcony. 10:09:56 Black Shirt boys in uniform saluting from balcony. Mussolini on horseback reviewing troops. Troops marching past band in stadium (?). 10:10:17 Polish troops & mounted officers march in street & salute. 10:10:30 Pilsudski w/ others mounting reviewing stand. Polish officers standing behind seated VIPs. 10:10:51 Greece & rioting in street; soldiers standing about. Gen. Theodorus Pangulos (?) walking w/ officers - names himself dictator, then resigns; is elected President & driven out of office. High angle of large crowds & banners. 10:11:35 Northern Ireland parade & march of farmers (?); Prime Minister Winston Churchill riding on wagon thru crowd & in front of Queen’s University in Belfast receiving hat & ?? from students; parade thru streets on wagon. 1926; 1920s; Dictator; NOTE: Poor quality.

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