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1935 - Big News of 1935 (Year Ender)

Reel Number: 220757-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1935

Country: Canada,England,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Germany,India,Italy,Pakistan,United Kingdom,USA

Location: California,Flemington New Jersey,Helena,Indianapolis,Kansas,Kentucky,LA Florida Keys,London,Miss,Montana,NY Colorado Springs,NYC Meridian,Point Sur,Quetta Binghamton,Rapid City,Salt Flats,SD Rome,Seattle Baton Rouge,Spokane,Utah San Diego,Wash,Washington

TC Begins: 22:24:25

TC Ends: 22:33:32

Duration: 00:09:07

Lindbergh Trial. Hauptmann interrogation. Jury. Dramatic zoom on electric chair. CU Hauptmann. 22;25;14 Aboard USS Macon & Zeppelin over city. 22:25:33 Dust storms, Kansas? 22:25:48 Kentucky Derby - horse races 22:26:09 King George Silver Jubilee 22:26:27 Supreme Court declares NRA unconstitutional. Incl. Supreme Court seated; sign Schechter’s 22:26:51 Indy 500 car racing, Indianapolis 22:27:12 Weyerhaeuser son kidnapped; Spokane, Wash. - hordes of photographers and cameramen surround little boy on lawn 22:27:25 Liner Normandie arrives in record time, NYC. Incl. Good New York skyline 22:27:50 Senator Wagner on Social Security, Washington, DC (Sd) 22:28:05 Fliers gas while setting endurance record, Meridian, Miss: refueling mid-air 22:28:27 Earthquake in Far East levels town, Quetta, India - aftermath and destruction 22:28:46 Floods throughout US, Binghamton, NY & Colorado Springs 22:29:12 Wiley Post & Will Rogers, Seattle, Wash.. 22:29:42 Huey Long & bride, Baton Rouge, LA 22:29:54 Hurricane in Florida 22:30:08 Nazi march in Germany 22:30:24 Malcolm Campbell sets speed record on Salt Flats, Utah. Jet-car racing. Bluebird. 22:30:42 Joe Louis wins over Schmelling, NYC: celebrating crowd of Black people - Joe Louis & fiancée Marva Trotter talk to journalists 22;30:55 FDR says US will remain neutral, San Diego, Calif (SOF) 22:31:26 China Clipper leaves for Manila Philippines 22:31:43 Earthquake destroys Helena, MT buildings 22:32:01 Stratosphere mark broken by Anderson & Stevens, Rapid City, SD 22:32:19 Mussolini on balcony 22:32:30 Ethiopian allegiance to Halie Selassie, Addis Ababa. Incl. rioting? 22:33:01 Eritrea. Italy approaches Intermittent sound

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