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1950 - Educational Film: Italian Peninsula, The

Reel Number: 221312-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950

Country: Italy


TC Begins: 02:09:11

TC Ends: 02:19:03

Duration: 00:09:52

1950 - Educational Film: Italian Peninsula, The 02:09:32 Map of Europe & North Africa showing Italy. Zoom in on the outline. Alps w/ rocky cliffs in mcu. Apennines shown on map & pan across from flat valley floor. 02:10:58 Mountains & crooked road in Southern Italy looking down valley. Rocky w/ small farm house; woman picking citrus in mcu, man walks over & takes basket & they walk together, Mt. Vesuvius seen beyond. LS of Naples. 02:11:56 Dock w/ freighter & men unloading 55 gallon drums, rolling along dock; unloading crates from truck. People walking along dock w/ ships alongside. 02:12:16 Streets w/ shops, people buying. Large Mussolini-type architecture building. LS of Naples harbor. 02:12:52 Rome & view up Tibor River. Forum in Rome & large buildings, people walking outside University; St. Peter’s Cathedral & plaza. Spanish steps & flower stand. CU old man, worker, student. High school students out of school & walking past fountain, buy chestnuts. Walking past Hadrian’s Tomb & across bridge of San Angelo. Rowboat w/ two men. 02:14:54 Po River valley & man raking beneath Mulberry trees. man w/ basket of silkworms. Men sowing wheat seed, walks past camera in CU. Man shoveling corrugations w/ water to irrigate rice. Ditch. Mountain stream. River flowing out of Alps; past electrical plant. Electric train out of tunnel & past camera. 02:16:44 Milan from high angle w/ little traffic; pedestrians. Street scene. CU of man & following past buildings & factories. LS of heavy industrial plant. Silk industry w/ man printing design on silk cloth. 02:17:41 Family at dinner table, woman serving husband & three children. Woman turns on radio (CU). Woman picking oranges, dock workers, street scene of Rome, Milan, other scenes. The End. Post-WWII Electrification; Electricity; Geography; Educational Films; Travelogue; Post-WW2; NOTE: One continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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