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Advancing Italian Troops Thru Ethiopia

Reel Number: 221576-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1935,1936,1930s

Country: Ethiopia,Italy

Location: Harar,Rome

TC Begins: 13:23:42

TC Ends: 13:34:05

Duration: 00:10:23

Advancing Italian Troops Thru Ethiopia Aerial over army camp, planes shadow seen; airplanes on ground being serviced seen from air; supplies; walled encampment. 13:24:14 High angle of troops around trucks. Italian officers at table w/ maps or books gesturing, MCU. 13:24:34 Aerial over Ethiopian or Italian troops moving. 13:24:41 Italian officers looking at map & pointing. Italian troops, pack mules walking across desert intercut w/ aerials of harsh dry terrain & camel caravan w/ supplies; trucks. 13:25:55 Italian troops w/ machine guns; throwing grenades; flame throwers. Burned brush & bodies. Silhouette against sunrise or sunset clouds w/ Italians marching. 13:27:10 Pan Italian equipment. Ethiopian leaders meet Italian officers seated at tent (surrender?). Italian officer reviews Ethiopians w/ guns. Biplane over drop bomb. Italian troops in truck convoy past natives. Intercut Ethiopian troops, planes, lake, cattle, pack train, soldiers. 13:31:06 Aerial over lake; mountain road or river shining. Ground shot of planes, Italian officers talking watched by natives; natives w/ spears dancing or moving ahead. Italian officers into car & move off along dirt mountain road, meet others & ride ahead of native troops in Italian (?) uniforms. 13:33:18 Tribal leaders meet Italian officer at table, bow. 13:33:44 Sd. Italian Palace (?) w/ officers saluting Mussolini arrival; Black Shirts salute & seated at large table. 1930s; Second Italo-Ethiopian War; Second Italo-Abyssinian War; Italy; Colonialism; Military; NOTE: Silent until 05:33:44. Colonial war ca Oct35 - May36 but build up started earlier & occupation lasted till ca 1941. Luigi Frusci probably one of the officers.

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