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Aviation - Military & Civilian ca 1915 - 1920

Reel Number: 250054-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s,1920s

Country: France,USA


TC Begins: 10:18:37

TC Ends: 10:28:30

Duration: 00:09:53

Aviation - Military & Civilian ca 1915 - 1920 Cheering crowd of men, NYC, Armistice, 1918 in street. 10:19:00 Eddie Rickenbacker in suit tugs at collar. Parade w/ La Guardia marching, saluting. Men looking up at airshow; two biplanes w/ wing walkers, CU from in plane, climbs onto other plane. Another w/ Jersey Ringel on plane. POV from looping plane w/ daredevil on top. Landing w/ man standing on top of plane. 10:20:23 Men & women into large multi-engine passenger airplane. 10:20:25 Two Generals. Biplanes w/ crews in front, into planes, start engines, taxi & take off. Stunting. 10:20:55 Aerial to large biplane from biplane, man w/ parachute jumps from wing & chute opens; another. 10:21:42 Biplanes overhead. Four laying smoke screen. 10:21:58 Intertitle: Prior to 1917 Military Air development in America progressed at Snail’s pace. 10:22:09 Monoplane taxiing, CU wheel & taking off; view from behind pilot CU altimeter; view of ground. 10:22:50 Mussolini & others parade in front of large trimotor planes; Mussolini speaking, gesturing. 10:23:10 Selassie at League of Nations. War Department building. Man unrolls drawing for YB-17. Draftsmen. Model of plane. 10:23:55 Twin-engine plane on ground; in flight over coast & airfield w/ barracks. Naval air station. Ground view of WWI training base w/ French troops practicing w/ machine gun. 10:24:51 Aircrew in front of biplanes & airman puts stocking over head, then leather helmet; climbs into plane w/ machine gunner into rear seat. WWI planes w/ French markings on field. 10:25:48 Kids around biplane & pilot; small girl w/ pilot & machine gun mounted on front. Plane says Ickie Mass. Men push biplane out of tent hanger. Aircrew by large biplane. Biplane upside down on grass w/ pilot in front. Men repairing radiator. 10:26:34 Observation balloon & planes around. Moon thru clouds. Pilot into biplane w/ white goose insignia on side, CU smiling. LS people around French military biplane. Demonstrating double machine gun on swivel & rail. Firing single barrel machine gun from plane. Pilot & gunner in plane, motor started & taxiis off, taking off. 10:28:08 Officer & ? at small round table. Men looking at airplane crashed onto nose. Mechanics working on biplane. 1910s; 1920; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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