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Busy Streets In London And Oxford, Jul-Aug43

Reel Number: 220982-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: England,United Kingdom

Location: London,Oxford

TC Begins: 17:52:23

TC Ends: 18:03:39

Duration: 00:11:16

Busy Streets In London And Oxford, Jul-Aug43 EXT Royal Albert Hall? Poster advertising rally in presence of Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden and Chinese Ambassador: ‘A Meeting Representative of National & Civic Life Will Salute China, Our Ally’. 17:52:55 Excellent shots of Oxford city centre, streets busy w/ British and US airmen, Wrens and civilians, bicycles; women in hats w/ children. MCU woman talks to airmen on street; GIs smoke, talk to women. US military vehicles pass in convoy. Noels and Dewhurst shop signs visible. Traffic crosses bridge, church tower in BG through trees. 17:56:01 LS Oxford Street, London; bombed John Lewis store site undergoing clearance for Army Exhibition; MCU sign ‘John Lewis & Co. Ltd. Cavendish Square Open 60 Yards Up’. VS workmen prepare exhibition space. 17:57:08 VS pedestrians and buses move through Piccadilly Circus, Statue of Eros boarded up; View w/ Regent Street in BG. Civilians, Wrens? and soldiers outside Underground station entrance. Policemen give directions to military; talk w/ Military Policewomen. US servicemen buy newspaper from old lady. 18:00:06 Large queue at bus stop; queue for newspapers, air raid shelter sign on wall; MCU people buy papers. 18:01:10 MCU man sits down, opens Daily Express; headline ‘Mussolini Resigns’; woman w/ News Chronicle, headline ‘Mussolini Resigns, King of Italy Takes Command: Rome Official’; people reading newspapers on bench. 18:01:53 LS Hyde Park boating lake, people on rowing boats, relaxing on summer’s day. Men row along Serpentine?, soldiers on chairs and young boys on riverbank. Civilians, soldiers and WAAF stroll across bridge. People in street; Cumberland? Hotel in BG. Good. WWII; WW2 British Homefront. Fashion - 1940s.

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