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Dealers In Death Pt. 1 of 6

Reel Number: 221219-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1935



TC Begins: 21:12:43

TC Ends: 21:22:14

Duration: 00:09:31

Dealers In Death Pt. 1 of 6 Missing main title Reviewed NY Times: 15Dec34 Night & flashes from guns (staged?). Daytime & huge guns fired. WWI troops moving. Dead bodies. Cemetery & POV past w/ wooden crosses. 21:13:51 Map of Europe w/ countries named overrun w/ ink/blood. Raised & new boundaries. Germany border outlined & animated explosions along it. 21:14:47 Montage: French military marching; GB troops march; Russians marching; Italy & Mussolini. German troops, Hitler on stand; Japan troops; Chinese troops; Austria; Turkey w/ CU of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha (Ataturk). 21:15:50 Montage: Naval race of various countries. USA, Japan, German pocket battleships. companies named: Schneider-Creusot, Krupp, Skoda, Valencia Armas (Spain); Brown Boveri; & others. 21:16:45 Vickers Armstrong industrial plants. Ext. & int. of huge plants. Workers in machine shops. 21:18:16 Krupp factory ext. & interior of machines moving heavy steel working. Manufacturing large shells. 21:19:06 Schneider Creuso Ext. of factories, interior w/ large shells, artillery barrels manufactured. 21:19:46 Skoda factory floor, manufacturing shells. 21:20:17 Octopus drawn over European map & tenacles out. Wall w/ pictures of dealers in death: de Wendels aka von Wendels. Fritz Thyssen. Bertha & Gustav von ??. Charles Schneider. Pre-WWII; Arms Race; Capitalism; Arms Dealers; Armament; Anti-War Film; Big Business; Pre-WW2;

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