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Die Deutsche Wochenschau No.571 Aug41 Segments

Reel Number: 221224-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Belarus,Belgium,France,Germany,Italy,Romania,Russia,USSR

Location: Brussels,Hamburg,Minsk,Paris,Rome,Smolensk

TC Begins: 07:06:58

TC Ends: 07:15:30

Duration: 00:08:32

Die Deutsche Wochenschau No.571 Aug41 Segments Paris - anti-Communist rally of French Voluntary Legion Légion des Volontaires Français contre le Bolchévisme in large meetng hall. 07:07:16 Brussels - first Flemish volunteers march on street, leave for front, w/ banner, crowd saluting. Train “Legion Flandres” leaving station, friends waving & saluting. 07:07:38 Hamburg - first Danish volunteers sworn in - ‘Frikorps Danmark’ flags. Large parade ground. 07:08:03 Rome - Mussolini reviews Italian troops going to fight at the Eastern Front. 07:08:20 First Italian troops at the front - southern part of the Eastern Front, riding in trucks pulling guns. 07:08:42 Romania - General Antonescu reviews his troops. Romanian troops board camouflaged ferry on River Danube towards Ismael. (end of segment). 07:09:18 Prisoners taken in Ukrainian battles - POW camp - CUs POWs inc. woman. 07:09:48 Soldiers delousing, washing very polemic commentary. 07:10:11 Russian POWs marching from front. (end of segment). 07:10:28 Russian peasants faces. (end of segment) 07:10:37 Map of Eastern Front. Russian peasants live in poverty - orphans. Children’s hospital - filthy conditions & malnourished kids very polemic commentary re how Russian authorities treat their own people 07:11:49 Discovery of bodies of people tortured & killed by GPU, attempting to identify unearthed bodies, funeral procession. (end of segment) 07:12:28 Hitler visits Mittlere Heeregruppe headquarters. Shots from inside Hitler’s private plane over built-up industrial landscape - Minsk. Hitler out of plane, greeted by senior Nazis including General Fieldmarshal von Bock, salutes soldiers; off in open-top car past cheering soldiers MCU. Hitler w/ Nazi officers in Fuehrerhauptquartier & consulting map. Animated map of Germany’s border w/ Russia from WWI to 1941. 07:15:00 Nazi officer in open top car thru Russian village near Smolensk, villagers wave hesitantly, “greeting the liberators”. Girls present flowers to German officers. Ends abruptly. WWII; Operation Barbarossa; Eastern Front; Axis; Soviet Atrocities;

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