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Divide And Conquer R3 of 6

Reel Number: 221345-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1943

Country: France,Germany,Holland,Netherlands

Location: rotterdam

TC Begins: 01:17:39

TC Ends: 01:27:53

Duration: 00:10:14

continued... Newspaper & troops into Maginot line. Marshal Petain. Hitler & Generals at maps. French generals, planes, tanks. Renault factory. People in streets. Drawing of crosses. Headlines, League of Nations fails; corruption headlines. CU men talking into ears whispering, gossiping. Drawing of castle covering France; animation of swastikas as termites climbing up base of castle. 01:19:44 Titles: Sabotage, Fifth Column, Strikes, Riots. French troops eating inside Maginot Line fortification; looking from Maginot Line. Banners put up by Germans; sending balloons across; broadcasting propaganda to the French. Soldiers looking thru binoculars. Mussolini & Goering & Hitler. Map of possible attack routes from Germany. French defensives shown. 01:22:06 Ardennes forest. French troops. 09May40 French troops onto trains, waving goodbye. Staged interior of churches w/ candles. Priest, others praying. 01:23:09 Hitler in animated speech. Camera moving over shouting crowds. Other Nazis Germans speaking. Saluting. 01:24:31 Title: Dawn May 10, 1940 switchboard, troops advancing. air force planes taking off. Tanks out of camouflage & across countryside. Animated map. Holland fighting & troops moving thru border defenses. Air attack. Aerial view over harbor & dikes. Paratroops out of planes from air & ground. Landing, moving up; at bridges. Surrender flags walked across Rotterdam bridges. Continued. WWII History; Invasion; 1940s; France; Holland; Netherlands; WW2

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