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It’s Your America R2 of 3

Reel Number: 220413-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940s

Country: England,ItalyUNITED KINGDOM,United Kingdom,USA

Location: London,New York

TC Begins: 04:10:59

TC Ends: 04:24:00

Duration: 00:13:01

It’s Your America R2 of 3 Dramatizes how a penny takes on new meanings to a soldier as he learns the significance of its inscriptions and Lincoln's quotations. Troops march out of training camp, steam troop train & POV. Troops looking out window. Drinking coca cola at soda fountain. Map superimposed over shots of soldiers & home states. Montgae of city sidewalks, street scenes, rural farm, residential street. 04:11:52 Soldier on troop ship leaving New York at night. 04:12:17 England Soldier in London pub drinking stout (beer) at bar. Bartender helps him w/ English money & comments on his US penny. Barman talks of Churchill. Soldier talks of Lincoln (track has brief interruptions). 04:15:04 Air raid siren interrupts, everyone looks up. German aircraft in flight - bombs dropping - ceiling of pub drops down. Exterior aftermath of air raid on London, damaged buildings, two children in rubble. Rescue operations. 04:16:21 Italy - bomb damaged buildings. Soldier looks at tattered poster of Mussolini, troops walk behind. (GOOD POSTER SHOT). Lincoln memorial as soldier remembers Lincoln’s speech. Poster. Flips penny. 04:17:42 Soldier gets medical treatment after injured on beach at Anzio, holds penny; tells doctor he didn’t know surgeons could be left-handed. Asks doctor what “E Pluribus Unum,” means - doctor translates as Out of Many One’ discuss how America is made up of many different races & religions living together in freedom & democracy. 04:19:59 German prisoners of war in camp. Soldier talking w/ French soldier who recalls how arrogant the Germans looked when they marched into Paris. POWs looking bedraggled. Two soldiers continue talking - Frenchman tells how he escaped concentration camp & joined French resistance. French soldier tells how his wife was killed by Germans. Says after war he wants to visit his wife’s grave & the second most important thing will be to vote because then he knows he & his country will be free. WW2; WWII - Reasons to fight; Freedom; Propaganda; Patriotism; Philosophy; Post War Plans;

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