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Munich Pact

Reel Number: 220194-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1938,1930s

Country: England,France,Germany,Italy,United Kingdom

Location: England, London,France, Paris,Germany, Munich

TC Begins: 01:32:44

TC Ends: 01:40:20

Duration: 00:07:36

Munich Pact; Nazi meeting, int. Ext. Night & banners; crowds listening to loud speakers; people in various situations listen to radios. Crowd in hall salutes. Troops & equipment at Nuremberg. Ships at sea. German sub. Biplane flyover. Chamberlain & others at airport shake hands & waves. Boards plane for Germany. Take off. Sandbagged building in England or France. People lined up outside French building. Men with guns (superimposed title Peace or War). Mussolini w/ Hitler in Italy reviewing troops, kids wave Nazi flags. Standing in Motorcade thru crowds. Daladier w/ Nazi soldiers. Chamberlain walking past German troops doffs hat. Germans waving to Chamberlain's motorcade. Into meeting. Int. signing of pact. Ext. of Mrs Chamberlain leaving house. Return off plane

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