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Pre-WWII - 1937, Spain: Rehearsal For War

Reel Number: 250111-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1936,1937

Country: Germany,Italy,Spain,USA

Location: DC,Madrid,Rome,Washington

TC Begins: 05:23:10

TC Ends: 05:29:10

Duration: 00:06:00

Pre-WWII - 1937, Spain: Rehearsal For War Soldier running across rocky Spanish hillside w/ explosions behind. Injured walked along forest road. Military vehicles up road w/ smoke rising. 05:23:29 Washington, DC & General Craig w/ two others examines tactical maps of Spain after returning from visit. CU intelligence report. German flags in wind. CU Mussolini; crowd waving; Hitler w/ German generals on balcony. 05:24:06 Map of Europe. Mussolini walking on airfield w/ military officers. Standing on tank in large stadium as tanks go around him; other equipment, planes over; tanks, soldiers & smoke, flame throwers. 05:24:34 Hitler reading speech at microphone (MOS). LS saluting crowd. 05:24:45 US military officer pointing to wall map as others looking on. 05:25:01 LS of Spanish coast, Hotel Miramar, US Ambassador to Spain Claude Bowers on telephone; another diplomat. US naval ship anchored & officers w/ map. 05:25;30 Franco leading troops & saluting leaving building; reviewing marching Moorish troops. 05:25:46 Relief map of Spain, w/ mineral locations. Headline re USSR plans. Marching Falangist troops past saluting crowds. Fascist troops & equipment firing, tanks, planes bombing, cavalry. 05:26:35 Franco on balcony & crowds. Headlines re Madrid fighting, bombers overhead, people run, volunteers & men working on assembling weapons; marching resistance soldiers. 05:27:30 Large Stalin banner. Intertitle: ...Spain enters second year of war... 05:27:39 Ext. War College in Washington DC; officers in front of map of Spain & Portugal w/ pointer. CU various publications on table. Authors Major Ernest Depuis & George Eliot at desk. CUs w/ pipe & cigars writing book: If War Comes. Book display in window. 05:28:17 Intercut typed pages w/ formation of planes over canyon; artillery, tanks; men wearing gas masks making weapons, firing machine guns. 05:28:55 Soldiers in Spain w/ tanks in forest, on field telephone, marching across hillside, eating. Pre-WW2; Spanish Civil War; Fighting; Troops; Soldiers; Sold at per reel rate.

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