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Prelude to War R2 Pt 3 of 3

Reel Number: 221131-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940,1942

Country: Abyssinia,China,Egypt,Ethiopia,Italy

Location: Jehol,Rome,Shanghai

TC Begins: 09:43:00

TC Ends: 09:51:43

Duration: 00:08:43

Continued... Title: The Tanaka Memorial. Animated map showing Japanese attack on Shanghai. Actuality ships firing. Good shots civilians run in the streets, Japanese planes over, crowds running, buildings bombed & burning.Dead in the streets, explosions. Dead baby w/ weeping mother. Street fighting, battle scenes. Japanese soldier searches Chinese man on street. Animated map re Japanese expansion, Jehol taken. Jap troops on horseback. 09:45:31 Chiang Kai Shek w/ troops, massed Chinese civilians. Chinese troops marching along Great Wall (GOOD). Animated map Europe. 09:45:57 CU Mussolini, crowds outside Colosseum / Coliseum. Mussolini ranting from balcony. Map showing Ethiopia. 09:46:20 Ethiopia, bare foot troops, Haile Selassie boarding only Ethiopian aircraft. AV Italian airf orce planes massed on ground. Italian military might, troops using flamethrowers, Italian naval ships. Animated map re Wal Wal in Ethiopia. Italian army on the move, ships carry troops thru Suez canal. 09:47:14 Haile Selassie appears at League of Nations. 09:47:47 Ethiopia, native troops gather & pledge allegiance to Selassie w/ swords. Italian artillery, bombs dropped, dead & wounded Ethiopians. Italy conquers Ethiopia. Roosevelt denounces Italian action. 09:49:25 Map & calendar & clock graphics show world transport. Huts burning. Munich Pact meets, Mussolini w/ Hitler & Goering. MCU Hitler. Map. Montage previous shots from film. Two globes combine. Pre-WWII; Propaganda; Pre-WW2 History;

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