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The World At War Reels 5 & 6 of 7

Reel Number: 221195-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1939-1940

Country: Belgium,England,France,Italy,United Kingdom

Location: Antwerp,Compiegne Dunkirk,lEUVEN,London,Normandy,Paris

TC Begins: 09:25:16

TC Ends: 09:34:17

Duration: 00:09:01

Continued... Belgium campaign - German troops firing heavy guns - tank advance - night fighting - burning buildings at night. Bomb damage & burning buildings in Leuven - dead horse in street. Civilian women & children evacuating. Cathedral spire collapsing in flames. Refugees along country road inc. child w/ wooden leg. Nazis into Belgium. German troops sleeping at side of road & in vehicles inc. BMW motorcycle. 09:27:40 Aerial view Antwerp burning. Smoke clouds over Normandy coast. Sign Dunkerque & destruction. RAF Spitfires in flight - fighting Luftwaffe fighters. British & French troops evacuated on ships; pan across beach littered w/ trucks & equipment after evacuation. German troops firing heavy guns in France. Street fighting. Signs for Valenciennes, Avancon & Reims, Chateau-Porcien, Verdun intercut w/ shots of Nazi advance through France & rubbled streets. 09:30:37 Italy enters war 10Jun40 - Mussolini on balcony above huge crowd. Road sign Paris & Soissons. Arc de Triomphe - pan down to Nazi troops marching through Paris. Fall of Maginot Line - railroad heavy guns fired. 09:31:32 Hitler commandeers railroad carriage where German surrender in WWI signed - Nazi flag draped over war memorial. INT railway carriage - creation of Vichy Government; Hitler climbs out & reviews Nazi troops. Hitler smiling & looking very pleased with himself. 09:32:40 London - Blitz devastation, St. Paul’s Cathedral seen through smoke in BG. Nazi submarines on French coast. Nazi bombers & RAF fighters over English Channel. London in flames at night - firefighting. High pan across ruins of Coventry Cathedral; civilians read bulletin board. Rubble cleared. Continued... WWII; WW2 History;

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