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US Army Personnel In Olympic Games, Rome Italy 11Sep60

Reel Number: 221346-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1960

Country: Italy

Location: Rome

TC Begins: 03:41:50

TC Ends: 03:53:11

Duration: 00:11:21

US Army Personnel In Olympic Games, Rome Italy 11Se60 Sign: Aeroporto Ciampino Ovest w/ street behind, pedestrians, scooter & car. Pan to people walking. 03:42:25 LS of Roman viaduct in disrepair. MS & CU Porta St. Sebastian, gateway into old Rome & light traffic alongside. Olympic flags flying. Terme Caracalla. 03:43:40 Colosseum, aka coliseum, w/ traffic in foreground. 03:44:10 People walking towards camera (and stadium). Men selling program & hats. Tourists trying them on. Enclosed stadium w/ flags in forground. Africans in robes walking past & pan to housing & modern apartments & balconies. 03:46:01 Statues on the Foro Italica Stadium. White modern monument to Mussolini w/ traffic beyond. Two girls sitting by fountain w/ large marble ball in middle. Otherss walking past. Woman buying hat from vender, man selling balloons. 03:47:39 Man buying gelato ice cream from vender w/ cart on motorcycle. People walking to stadiuim & entrance w/ sign: Viale Dello Stadio De Marmi (Marble Stadium). 03:48:23 High shot during closing event of equestrian finals. Riders over jumps seen in long shot. Crowd, flags. People applaud. Riders leaving stadium. 03:51:31 Night & parade of flags & torches. People w/ torches in stadium. Scoreboard: Tokyo next Olympics. Amateur Sports 1960s; American Olympic Team; Rome street scenes;

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