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Visit Of Hitler And Mussolini To Russian Front, ca 26Aug41?

Reel Number: 221323-16

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Germany,Poland,Russia,USSR

Location: Smolensk

TC Begins: 02:23:58

TC Ends: 02:37:17

Duration: 00:13:19

Visit Of Hitler And Mussolini To Russian Front, ca 26Aug41? Hitler reviewing troops, chats w/ German wounded soldier & Wehrmacht officers on airfield as photographers cluster around. Hitler greets military nurses, airplane visible behind. Hitler walkabout w/ camera following. 02:25:37 Nurses on grass outside German twin-engine military plane w/ hospital markings. 02:25:43 Extreme CU Mussolini in cockpit of aircraft, clouds beyond. Engine & passing broken clouds. 02:26:38 Nurse & German officer on airfield as wounded German troops loaded onto tri-motor ambulance plane& walk back to plane. 02:27:03 Soviet POW’s marched past on air base. 02:27:12 Ext. wrecked large building & pan across cleaned up square w/ horse wagons, town behind.Smolensk (?). Military trucks & cars thru. Wreckage seen. 02:27:40 Row of tri-motor military planes w/ German officer walking up to camera. Mechanics behind. 02:27:51 Camouflaged tent barracks & troops; military convoy arriving w/ officers, Hitler & Mussolinin (?) out of first open car. VIP officers walking, talking. Mussolini smiling & talking w/ German officers. Walking w/ Hitler to mess area of outdoor tables; they sit at dining table under canvas tarp w/ photographers taking pictures. Adm. Karl Doenitz at another table w/ VIP officers. 02:30:00 Air Force officers & others arrive; Doenitz standing. 02:30:15 Soldiers serving up dishes for VIPs. People at tables eating. 02:31:06 Officers standing, talking, joking & smoking cigars 02:31:53 Wounded soldier unloaded from ambulance & walk to plane; boarding. 02:32:32 Hitler & Mussolini out of car, to plane. Officers shaking their hands, saluting. Much walking & saluting & back to plane & board (all seen from plane level). Some almost as though repeating for camera, or on leaving plane at next stop. Walk to large open car, climb in & drive away from hanger. Motorcade of similar ones follows. Soldiers run to get another view. 02:35:04 Hitler & Mussolini arrive by car at hanger & chat w/ German officers including von Ribbentrop & possibly Keitel & von Brauschtsch; German officers moving around in foreground. 02:36:30 Hitler, Mussolini & four others sit at wooden table outside hanger. German officers acting panic-stricken in foreground. 02:36:54 German officers in foreground, several twin-engine ambulance planes in rear. Another view of officers lunch w/ soldiers watching from distance. WWII Color Home Movies; NOTE: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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