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World Parade, The - Modern Rome

Reel Number: 221644-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: Italy

Location: Rome

TC Begins: 19:37:41

TC Ends: 19:46:54

Duration: 00:09:13

World Parade, The - Modern Rome Castle Films 19:37:54 Tiber River w/ traffic across bridge towards Hadrian’s Tomb, aka Castel Sant’Angelo. MCU. 19:38:17 Capitol, designed by Michelangelo, 1536 w/ clock tower, tilt down to Equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. CU from low angle. Pan across Roman ruins. Triumphal Arch of Constantine w/ Colosseum behind & MCU of exterior & interiors w/ Catholic religious service. Traffic around outside. 19:39:29 Arch of Emperor Titus. 19:39:39 Modern architecture of Mussolini Forum w/ obelisk, statues, fountains. Tourists posing for photograph by giant statues. large stadium w/ youth doing mass geometric calisthenics. MS Mussolini watching. View past towards St. Peter’s dome in Vatican City. Pan around columns of Basilica; fountain; people. 19:41:00 Large crowd filling the square for Papal Blessing from chair by Pope Pius XI. People buying palm fronds from vendors. 19:41:32 San Giovanni Basilica. Cathedral of Rome. View down avenue. Monument of Victor Emmanuel. 19:42:02 Military ceremony at tomb of Unknown soldier w/ King. Procession from above; superimposed Mussolini. Traffic thru Rome Square w/ fountains, plaza; vendor w/ burro cart & ice. Fountain of Trevi, people throwing in coins. 19:43:32 Pyramid of Cestius. Spanish Steps, flower stands, fruit & vegetable vendors. Arch, ruins, street scenes, fountains. POV from truck & car thru tree-lined street. 19:45:02 Large park w/ street cafe; pov thru street. Traffic in city center; traffic police, pedestrians. 19:45:39 Large ornate building; ruins of roman building. Electric bus past camera. Fountain, & sunset. 19:46:06 Night w/ St. Peter’s lighted / illuminated. Aerials over Rome. 19:46:49 The End. 1941 (?); Travelogue; Promotional Film; Tourists; Tourism; Italian Daily Life; Italy; Note: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate.

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