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WWI - Historical Montage: The March of Freedom R2 of 3

Reel Number: 300228

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1930s,1940s

Country: Ethiopia,Germany,Italy

Location: New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 01:00:04

TC Ends: 01:09:27

Duration: 00:09:23

Archival Documentary - Cold War Intertitle: A new Caesar trains his legions for conquest! MS Mussolini on balcony speaking platform, troops marching past Military exercise w/ gas masks and rifles, running thru smoke wearing short pants. 01:00:40 Intertitle: Ethiopia the first victim of aggression. Montage: troops entering; village; village scenes. 01:01:02 Intertilte: Wars and threats of wars again rack the world. Montage: fighting, countryside, cities, explosions; dead & injured; refugees. 01:01:42 Intertitle: War against helpless civilians. Montage: China & people rush for shelter; planes & bomb explosions; city destruction & fires; dead & injured. 01:02:14 Intertitle: With regimented nations at their command, Dictators cry “Might Is Right!” Montage: Marching troops; reviewed tanks, planes, Hitler thru city & saluting crowds; women crying. 01:02:43 Intertitle: Racial and religious hate and bitterness wield the whip of persecution! Montage: faces, soup kitchen; older women; people in street w/ German policeman; broken windows; read signs on walls of closed shops; Nach Palastina; barbed wire; refugee camp of canvas tarps, women sitting outside. CU old man & cups on table, old women, massive crowd, woman eating from loaf of bread; people of all ages. Warming hands. Hospital beds; kids eating at long tables, CUs. 01:04:18 Intertitle: America! The Ramparts Of Freedom! Statue of Liberty; ocean liner; NYC skyscrapers; kids in Central Park Mayday celebration; Boy Scouts parade; tents; inoculations; tree planting on hillside; window broken by kids playing baseball, run as man leans out. 01:05:33 Baseball stadium crowded; football game in stadium. DC-3 over Grand Canyon. 01:05:50 Intertitle: Americanism! The Watchword of Liberty. Workers into factory, at various workbenches; auto manufacturing plant; mules pulling grain combines; line of men into tailor / laundry; soup kitchen; Times Square; klieg lights; speaker at convention ; newspaper printing; radio transmitter; family listening to radio; crowd outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral; interior & Catholic service; ext. Easter service; Capitol building; FDR speaking to Congress of Freedom of representative Democracy. 01:07:55 Intertitle: What Price Democracy! Map of US & marching cadets & soldiers; military airplanes; manufacturing artillery barrels, loading shells, raising & firing; tanks thru smoke screen, explosions, machine guns; tanks bouncing on obstacle course; aerial of fleet at sea; column of battleships. 1930s; 1940s; Post-WWII Propaganda; Post-WW2 Cold War History;

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