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WWII - 1942, Canada: Documentary, Food - Weapon of Conquest

Reel Number: 221515-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1942

Country: Germany,Italy,Russia,Ukraine,USSR

Location: Hamburg,Italy,Russia,Ukraine

TC Begins: 01:11:43

TC Ends: 01:21:31

Duration: 00:09:48

WWII - 1942, Canada: Documentary, Food - Weapon of Conquest Women in grocery store, stocks up on food w/ prices on meat; people in outdoor swimming pool, dive, go down the slides. 01:12:28 Flooded village, explosions in Ukrainian wheat fields, European people queue for food, soup kitchen. Leaders of Western world (Acheson, Wallace, Welles, etc.) meeting about food supplies, crowd of American workers enter factory, ships loaded w/ food supply for overseas allies, cargo nets lifted from dock. 01:13:30 Russia, harvesting, people in field, w/ oxen pulled combines, men in the back of the lorry on top of crop sacks. Burning field, farming equipment, houses, trees on fire. 01:13:54 People work in automobile factory, British factory work floor, workers drink free milk supplement, eat in the canteen. Battlefield, tanks, soldiers look up in the sky, RAF bomber crew in the hall look at the plans of attack on Germany, women soldiers in kitchen prepare special supplements of raw carrots, liver & fish oil to improve eye sight packed in boxes. Sailors at naval base run up & queue at the food line, served food; men at tables. Civilian unemployed & workers line up for food; various shot of people on the streets, exchange food stamps for food at grocery stores. 01:15:53 Wheat fields, harvesting, combines in mountain surrounded field, shot of long line of combines. Title card: Hitler's words “The most cruel weapons are humane...” Memories of WWI, Germanys national collapse to hunger, big cattle farm w/ just few cattle in it, people at soup kitchen. High angle huge meeting hall, CU on the podium Hitler's Minister of Agriculture Walther Darre, applause. High angle Nazi farmland, man mowing hay, hay in huge stacks, youth labor, women in the field, explosions, 01:18:01 Fascist Italy, workers & tractors plowing, harvesting machinery & Mussolini threshing. Large steel works & machinery manufacturing. Food used in war production, meat unloaded from ship, people using fat for explosives production, various machinery, people sorting apples on long sliding conveyors; used for alcohol & fuel production, planes filled w/ fuel. CU big containers of milk that used in production of lubricating oil high angle submarine and ship building yards, Keil & Hamburg. (GOOD montage) 01:19:25 Soldier stirs huge kettle, others gather firewood, kettle lifted out & soup handed out to soldiers. Country field w/ cattle grazing on farm, CU scientist w/ microscope. Field. 01:20:00 China, Chinese peasants, people on the street, man poles boat. Chinese discover soy beans & Soya can replace meat, Soy bean harvest, CU beans. Germany & combine thru soy bean field; harvest, illustrated map of large soy bean plantations. Army cooking, stir big porridge pots, CU soy sausages, distribute food. Hitler & other officers try soy meals, CU Hitler eating, various shots of soldiers eating, troops march on country road, thru village, city ruins. Continued... Propaganda; WW2 Homefront; WWII Food Science; NOTE: Partial or entire card sold at per reel rate.

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