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WWII - 1943 , Sicily Advance & Greetings; Massacre Site; POWs.

Reel Number: 250046-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1943

Country: Italy

Location: Arrigento Bassa,Caltanissetta,Canicatti,Castelvetrano,Sciacca,Sicily

TC Begins: 19:12:48

TC Ends: 19:19:27

Duration: 00:06:39

WWII - 1943 , Sicily Advance & Greetings; Massacre Site; POWs. CU sign: Arrigento Bassa on side, railroad tracks in bg. MS two columns of U.S. troops slowly advance up town / city street. MS American soldiers down road leaving town. Three-star General Patton riding in armored car. LS Dust from advancing tanks. MS Half-track with heavy gun mounted, firing. LS Smoke from shell burst. 19:13:26 MS Italian P0Ws marching w/ hands clasped over heads. LS American troops walking away along road, smoke in distance. CU Bomb demolished building sign: Canicatti" on side. MS Sicilians greeting American troops; US tanks thru street. LS troops advancing up street. Military vehicles thru crowds lining narrow street. MCU shaking hands w/ passing soldiers in jeeps etc. Priest tlaking to soldiers; soldier drinking form bottle. Troops march thru town; out o twon on tank w/ large factory in valley behind. 19:14:53 CU Sign: Sciacca. CU Liberated Sicilian civilians waving in small plaza. LS Troops along road outside of town. 19:15:10 CU Truck w/ GIs past sign: Caltanissetta. MS troops march, Patton in jeep, past bomb-demolished buildings. Large bulldozer / tractor pulling large artillery. City steps. MS American EM guarding unhappy German & Italian Prisoners of War. CU Prisoner of War tag tilt up to smiling face; CU captured two-star German officer & others. 19:15:58 MCU troops thru street lined w/ applauding civilians. CUs Sicilians. 19:16:12 CU sign: Castelvetrano. CU sign: "L’esercito e Garenzia Sicura Dei Destini Della Patria, Mussolini. 19:16:16 CU Boy watches jeeps enter town. Soldiers talk to man. Entrance: Palazzo del Governo, captured German officers leave building. 19:16:58 US soldiers w/ line of captured prisoners on railroad tracks, search; march many prisoners along road. 19:17:18 MS Patton waves to passing tank. 19:17:26 LS Harbor & unident city, mountains behind. MS troops in city march past municipal building, civilians cheer. Small town & troops thru; CU waving crowd. 19:17:57 Many Italian PoWs march thru village, waving. Patton watches from jeep. MCU Patton standing in back of jeep in fron to stores w/ shutters pulled, CU listening, folding map. MS American enlisted man searching captured Prisoners of War. US officers walk w/ high-ranking Italian officer; gets into jeep w/ brief case. Other prisoners talking w/ US officers, leaving in jeep. 19:19:04 MS Patton & others officers talking to Sicilian civilian & priest. MCU Sicilian civilians w/ sign re Nation united, cheering, waving, V-sign. WW2; Invasions; Operation Husky ; Jul43; Aug43; Massacre; Slaughter; Welcoming; NOTE: Canicatti was site of War Crime following capture by American troops in which Lt. Col Herbert McCaffrey fired into a crowd after it failed to disperse & killed at least eight civilians including an 11 year old girl. GOOD quality, interesting coverage of advancement along Sicily west coast, no fighting.

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