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WWII - 1945, Germany: Germany Gives Up. May45

Reel Number: 200555-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1939to1945

Country: Austria,England,France,Germany,Poland,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Compiegne,Dunkirk,London,New York,Washington

TC Begins: 02:10:45

TC Ends: 02:18:25

Duration: 00:07:40

[WWII - 1945, Germany: Germany Gives Up. May45] Truman at desk speaks announcing German surrender. SOF; “This is a solemn but glorious hour...” Crowds in streets cheering; Wall street & ticker-tape. Packed Times Square & people waving flags. 02:12:10 Heavy devastation in Europe. Bodies; German prisoners. 02:12:38 Hitler & marching Nazis in various situations. Goose-stepping. Siegfried Line tank traps. Hitler with Mussolini and Goering at treaty signing. Hitler & troops into Austria?? Anschluss. Hitler speaking to huge crowd. Hitler at planning meeting in railway carriage. 02:13:46 POV along road of ruined equipment. Germans into Poland. Field of Polish prisoners. Women queue for food. 02:14:03 Hitler & Goering at military march past - goose-step. Map 02:14:24 Dunkirk, building burning, classic shot Dunkirk landings. 02:14:33 Hitler at French surrender in railway carriage at Compiegne. German bombers. Blitz, London in flames, classic shot with crucifix. 02:14:55 Roosevelt signing lease lend bill. Lend-lease act. England & freight trains of supplies. Headlines, Japan at War with US. 02:15:23 Blacks moving boxes from ships. Planes & supplies for D-Day. D-Day montage & beachhead; Dead German by roadside. 02:15:56 Tanks into Paris; crowds & aerials over Arc de Triomphe. Heavy bombing raids, strafing airfield & RR w/ explosions. Artillery firing Film damage at 13:16:28 Narrations runs out of synch from here on. 02:16:56 GIs crossing Rhine. Dead in concentration camps. Germans running to surrender; young boy crying. Swastika burning. Picture ends 02:17:51 Sound runs to 02:18:25. Celebrations; VE day; WWII compilation. Europe; 1945; Surrender; WW2;

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