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WWII: Hitler & Mussolini; Germany Into Paris; Compiegne Surrender, 22Jun40

Reel Number: 221366-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1940

Country: France,Germany

Location: Compiegne,Munich,Paris

TC Begins: 04:39:09

TC Ends: 04:51:59

Duration: 00:12:50

WWII: Hitler & Mussolini; Germany Into Paris; Compiegne Surrender, 22Jun40 18Jun40 Hitler & Mussolini standing in open top limousine around Munich square thru cheering crowds. MCU people, soldiers; bothon balcony; saluting throngs, kids & adults. MCUs; CU Mussolini & Hitler, turn & go inside. Smiling Il Duce & Hitler w/ large painting on wall behind Hitler. CU SS soldier at attention outside. Hitler & Mussolini leaving, crowds cheering. Heinrich Hoffman taking pictures. GOOD. 04:41:00 ca14Jun40 Paris, Pan from statue across building front & looking thru base of Arc de Triomphe w/ Germans saluting. People watch, CU flame. German officer shaking hands w/ Nazi soldiers & presents medals. Pan over line of saluting soldiers at attention, tilt up statue. German troops parading on Avenue Foch, goose-stepping past saluting officer on horseback. Horsemen & artillery. Few French watching; mostly German soldiers w/ brass playing. 04:44:19 22Jun40 Compiegne. Nazis drop Swastika banner over monument. German troops formally march past monument & WWI train car. Band plays. Soldiers at attention as Hitler, Goering & others walk in review; then to car & look at statue of Marshal Foch. Waiting for French, Germans enter railroad car & sit at table. French General Huntzinger & delegates arrive; enter car & salute. Sitting down & leaving. Hitler puts on glove, salutes & walks to flag draped monument as band plays. Huntzinger & others seen thru carriage window, stand saluting then sit down. 04:49:02 German delegation outside wood structure w/ canvas drapes; MCU large round table inside. Huntzinger leaves railroad car, goes to draped structure & enters w/ German officers. Drape pulled closed. Huntzinger & ?? walk to railroad car, French & German delegations seen thru window. Huntzinger signing; papers passed, fade out (Keitel not seen signing). 04:50:25 Clouds blowing & dissolve to Swastika flying, bell ringing, many Nazi flag flying, steeples & bells ringing. Hindenburg WWI monument (?), Church towers. German teutonic stone eagle in MCU. Jun40; 1940s; WWII French Surrender Ceremony; WW2;

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