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Pre-WWII - 1930s, Japan: USA Government Documentary: World At War, The R3 of 7

Reel Number: 300237

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s,1940s

Country: Czechia,Czechoslovakia,Germany,Poland,Russia,Russia Albani,Spain,USSR

Location: Berchtesgaden,Moscow,Munich,Prague,Sudetenland

TC Begins: 01:00:11

TC Ends: 01:09:10

Duration: 00:08:59

WWII Historical Compilation R3 Spanish civil war & destroyed buildings; troops thru look at weapons. Fascist salute by civilians & German & Italian troops . Fighting w/ artillery; wounded & dead bodies. 01:00:58 Montage: Franco banner, Franco on balcony reviewing passing troops. Hirohito on horse reviewing goose stepping Japanese troops. German troops march. Munich motorcade & Hitler into building to sign pact; Chamberlain motorcade & arrival; signing w/ Mussolini, Daladier. All stand around. 01:02:08 Night, Mussolini on balcony w/ crowd cheering. 01:02:19 Germans into Sudetenland, cheering people & old women throwing out flowers. Military band on trucks past camera. Troops thru crowds. Hitler standing in open car. Army band playing on truck. Nazis greeted marching into Prague. 01:03:21 Italy landing in Albania, small tracked military vehicle off ship; bicycle troops thru street; artillery over river. 01:03:39 Hitler SOF at podium calling names of countries in answer to Roosevelt’s (FDR) appeal for peace 14Apr39. Laughter. 01:04:07 Hitler at Berchtesgaden w/ Goering. Good interior shots at Berchtesgaden silhouetted in front of huge window. 01:04:45 Ribbentrop in Moscow w/ Molotov & others. 01:04:56 Newspaper headlines. 01:05:13 Hitler on Polish reviewing stand reviewing Polish mounted & marching troops. planes, tanks & guns reviewed - military parade. NOTE: Unidentifed time & place. 01:05:44 Nazi soldiers loading German bombs, fuel, engines start, take off, flyover, in formation. 01:06:50 Air to air bombers in flight; landscape & bombing of Poland w/ flak, bombing explosions, bomb craters, burned planes on ground. Damaged & destroyed planes & hangers. 01:07:42 Stukas take off & in flight; dive bombing POV. Railroad yard & tracks bombed. Wreckage inspected by Nazi officers. 01:09:04 German battleship firing. WW2 History; War Summary; Archival Footage; Axis Dicatators; Pre-WWII; Pre-WW2; NOTE: VERY GOOD QUALITY.

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