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WWI - 1917 , CREEL Commission Films: Finished Fighter, The

Reel Number: H1916-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1917,1910s

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA

Location: California,Ohio

TC Begins: 10:12:32

TC Ends: 10:24:19

Duration: 00:11:47

Animated Opening. Titles. 10:13:13 Two British soldiers training Americans in bayonet use in the center of circles of Yanks; surprising them w/ bayonet w/ ring on tip. 10:14:03 Title: Capt. Peck instructing in bayonet work. 10:14:08 Wooden “dummy” rifle used to demonstrate technique. Men in circle w/ similar fake weapons wearing helmet / masks & body padding. 10:14:36 Title: Major Eric Fisher Wood keeps the boys on the jump. 10:14:40 More practicing. 10:14:58 Title: Barbed wire entanglements are stormed and dummies bayoneted without mercy. 10:15:02 Running at hanging dummies, thru barricade, jumping trenches on large course. 10:15:36 Title: The competitive plan is also employed in bayonet practice, the men being awarded points... 10:15:40 LS of same large obstacle course w/ troops running. 10:16:16 Title: Field artillery practice always puts the men on their mettle...Dummy guns are used... 10:16:29 Men run out pulling wooden fake artillery, set up. 10:16:50 Soldiers watching demonstration of actual / real artillery & caissons. 10:17:20 Title: French officers explain the famous Chauchat machine gun. 10:17:24 Soldiers seated outdoors watch French officer at table breaking apart & assembling machine gun. Demonstrate proper holding. 10:18:12 Title: Drilling w/ new Enfield rifles. Men on field aiming, reloading; prone on firing line. Grenade practice w/ French demonstrating. 10:19:04 Title: French mortars completely made by the soldiers here. Carried into hut. Title re setting up. Setting up, passing ammunition & firing. Explosions. 10:19:56 Title: World’s record is 37 shots a minute. This gunner has a record of 35 a minute. 10:20:03 MCU firing quickly, explosions on snowy field. 10:20:15 Title: Over the top. Soldiers climb out of deep trenches in snow, run forward & set up ?? 10:20:40 Title: With this scientific appliance, Ohio’s defenders need have no fear of Fritz’s gas. 10:20:43 MCU Two men putting on gas masks, take off. Troops marching on snowy field, stop & put on gas masks, pick up hats & pose. March past 10:21:30 Title: Tests are made, w/ & w/o gas masks, in a specially built house filled w/ poisonous fumes. 10:21:35 Troops march into building, door closed; opened & troops out in gas masks. Repeat, leaving w/ masks off. 10:22:08 Title: Maj. Gen. E.F. Glenn, commanding officer of the 83rd Division. MCU salutes camera. 10:22:24 Title: Maj. Gen. E.F. Glenn, Inspector General Chamberlain, & Assistant Secretary of War Benjamin Crowell. Three men, officer on horseback, one standing & Crowell standing in open car. 10:22:36 Title: ...83rd Division, 40,000 strong, pass in review. Officers w/ 83rd unit flag on horseback, pan to officers reviewing & many men marching on large field. 10:24:15 Title: These are Official United States War Films owned by the State of California, released by the State Council of Defense by order of ?? Stephens, Governor. WWI; WW1; Homefront Training Films; Oddities; 1910s; Creel Commission; NOTE: Much has snow on ground.

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