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1910s - Ireland, Politics: Irish Independence Personalities

Reel Number: 221593-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1910s

Country: Ireland

Location: Dublin

TC Begins: 08:12:26

TC Ends: 08:14:47

Duration: 00:02:21

1910s - Ireland, Politics: Irish Independence Personalities Title: Irish Peace Congress - Sinn Fein & Government Delegates meet & everybody hopes for a happy settlement. 08:12:35 Group of men & women posing w/ railroad cars behind. 08:12:56 Women kneeling in front of other women & men. 08:13:06 Car leaving thru gate, people waving 08:13:14 Flash frame title: Sinn Fein Delegates - Mr. Huggins (?) MS Wearing light hat, mustache & posing 08:13:18 Flash frame: Mr. Porter (?) w/ hat, wearing glasses no beard or mustache. 08:13:23 Flash frame: Mr ? Duffy w/ glasses hat, heavy mustache & goatee. 08:13:27 Flash frame: Mr. Arthur Griffith ? Munnter w/ dark hat, pince nez glasses & mustache. 08:13:31 Flash frame: Mr. Michael Collins. MS Speaking to crowd 08:13:37 Slug 08:13:39 Title: Welcome News - Amnesty for Irish Prisoners. 08:13:44 Low angle of Kilmainham jail, Dublin prison building, tilt down to crowd of boys & a few women & men outside spiked fence. View of police around ornate metal doorway from overhead of jostling crowd. Man in cap smiling leaves carrying boxes; another w/ briefcase & packages; another (Collins?) out shaking hands w/ 3-star general (?) in doorway. Another w/ suitcase walking thru crowd. Anti-Imperialism; ca 1918; Irish Independence Movement;

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