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WWI Personalities, card 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221504-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1917,1918

Country: England,United Kingdom,USA

Location: See below

TC Begins: 02:10:41

TC Ends: 02:16:32

Duration: 00:05:51

WWI Personalities, card 1 of 2 Gaumont News Higham, Mass. ?? Gowns A Century Old Bring Funds To Red Cross. Women at outdoor garden party in very old dresses. Red Cross women serve them lunch. 02:11:17 Gaumont News Munition Loading Plant Blown Up. People sitting around & laying around on lawn near train station. Family. Military patrolling front of store w/ blown-out windows. 02:11:38 Flash title: Samuel Gompers visits his boyhood home in London. Crowded group of kids & adults around. Gompers & other men pose. 02:11:49 Flash title: King Victor Emanuel aka Emmanuel of Italy reviews American & Italian troops at an aviation field. MCU shaking hands & saluting. 02:11:59 Flash title: President & Mme. Poincare inspects St. Mihiel a few hours after its capture from the Germans. Come out of house, saluting, receiving bouquet. 02:12:15 Gaumont Graphic ?? Title: Washington DC The Czechoslovak Military Mission From Siberia.. names on title. Three men walk towards camera & pose on sidewalk. Salute & leave. 02:12:32 Title: Gen. Garibaldi presented w/ red pavilion of the town of Trieste. On steps posing w/ VIPs. Hold out flag. 02:12:51 Title: Floyd Gibbons, famous war correspondent, wound at the front passes thru Paris to U.S. Poses w/ bandaged eye & w/ arm in sling. 02:12:59 Gaumont News Libertyville, Illinois 38 Girl Farmers Graduate In Overalls. Laughing w/ woman w/ fur collar on coat. Shake hands w/ governor. Gov on tractor & milking cow. Girls sit & sing w/ arms in arms. 02:13:44 Flash title: Marshal Joffre presides at celebration in honor of Mr. Edward Shearson, American philanthropist. On porch w/ others & talking beside car. 02:14:00 Flash title: Herbert Hoover, Food Dictator, inspects the first corn of new harvest to arrive in Washington. Truck loaded w/ bags pulls up; Hoover & ?? pull out ear. 02:14:06 Flash title: Boston, Mass. Spanish Influenza Epidemic. Red Cross Nurses Make Gauze Masks... Large room w/ rows of nurses at tables folding masks & rolling. Tying into bundle. CU smiling shows how its worn. 02:14:50 Flash title: Venice, California...beaches adopt French fad. Man painting on flappers legs & back while they wear swim suits. 02:15:22 Flash title: Boston “Babe” Ruth breaks all home run records. Pitching during practice, MS & CU. LS of game. Batting & running bases, crowd waving hats. 02:16:01 Flash title: Oakland, California “Choose Your Partner” Square dancing old couples on lawn. WW1; Homefront; Medical; 1910s; Professional Baseball; Politics; Military; Continued on next card...

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