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1980 - Color, President Reagan: Reagan-Bush Presidential Campaign Commercial. 01Nov80

Reel Number: 221611-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1980

Country: USA


TC Begins: 08:00:10

TC Ends: 08:04:32

Duration: 00:04:22

1980 - Color, President Reagan: Reagan-Bush Presidential Campaign Commercials. 31Oct80 Quick stills, variety of situations; then film. 08:00:58 Motion picture film CUs of Reagan & Bush at Republican Convention. Ext. w/ George Bush. 08:01:35 CU speaking to camera: “...everything is going up, where is it going to end. Record inflation has robbed the purchasing power of your dollar. And for three and a half years this administration has been unable to control it. When Pres. Ford left office at the end of 1976 the inflation rate was around 5%. Jimmy Carter told us that was too high, much too high. Well, this year Carter inflation has hit 18%. I’m very worried as all Americans are. And I’m prepared to do something about it. One, I will institute an immediate freeze on all Federal hiring; that will help us to start slowing down the growth of the Federal Bureaucracy, the single greatest cause of inflation in America today. Two, I will order that every example of waste & inefficiency in government be eliminated in as orderly a manner as possible. This will take great determination on the part of the President. Well, I intend to be very determined. Three, we won’t just stop w/ the waste & inefficiencies that we find; why not get the benefit of a fresh outside look at things. What I’ll do is call in the best minds from industry & from labor, from many sectors & ask them to volunteer their time as a service to our country. Their assignment will be to go over the entire Federal Government w/ a fine tooth comb & tell us where additional examples of waste are. With that done we’ll do the rest. Four, I will set as a very high priority the balancing of the budget. A balance budget works to combat inflation; the sooner we can balance the Federal budget the better. 08:03:13 Five, we’ll think price tag whenever we think program. In the past programs have been developed w/o concern for cost. Well, no more. When presenting the tax payer w/ a new program we’ll level w/ him about what that program is going to cost. The Federal Government doesn’t give us programs, it charges us using our money to support, not only the program but the high priced bureaucracy to administer it. 08:04:03 We can have a more streamlined government... 08:04:25 VO The time is now for strong leadership, Reagan for President. Campaign Politics; 1980s; 1980; Republican Campaign Commercial; Presidential Politics; Note: Credit must be given to: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Note: Glitch 08:01:16:05 - 08:01:19:04 in tape LN 801-005 from Reagan library.

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