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1981 - Color, President Reagan Inauguration, 20Jan81 Pt 1 of 3

Reel Number: 221132-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1981

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 11:00:01

TC Ends: 11:21:12

Duration: 00:21:11

1981 - Color, President Reagan Inauguration, 20Jan81 Pt 1 of 3 20Jan81 White House; Vice President-elect & Mrs Bush arrive w/ others inc. VP & Mrs Walter Mondale, Rep. Robert Michael & Senator Howard Baker. Pres. & Mrs Carter greet Ronald & Nancy Reagan; Sen. Mark Hatfield & Rep. John Rhodes; Carters & Reagans pose for photographers. Aerial view Capitol. Arrivals on Capitol inauguration platform: Sen. Barry Goldwater, General David Jones, Sen. Paul Laxalt, Gen. Omar Bradley in wheelchair, Mrs Nelson Rockefeller. Families of President & Vice-President Elect, including George W. Bush w/ Laura Bush. House of Representatives procession led by Senior member Jamie Whitten & official carrying mace. Bob Hope among guests? 11:03:31 Diplomatic Corps of various countries arrives. Pan down Capitol facade decked in US flags. US Governors arrive. Strom Thurmond, President Pro Tem of Senate leads procession of Senators. 11:04:27 Nancy Reagan departs White House w/ Rosalynn Carter. Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan out of WH w/ Thomas P. O’Neill. Motorcade departs. Presidential limousine w/ four bodyguards arrives at Capitol (including Marine carrying “war” briefcase). Last official guests seated - Supreme Court members. Barbara Bush & Joan Mondale escorted to seats - each holding onto arm of ceremonial guard. Wives of Inaugural Committee members. 11:07:08 Nancy Reagan & Rosalynn Carter escorted by US Naval officer; MCU Mrs Reagan w/ Barbara Bush. Pres. Carter & VP Mondale escorted to platform. George H.W. Bush to seat - applause. Drum rolls & bugler from balcony. 11:09:06 Arrival onto platform of Ronald Reagan. Opening speech by Mark Hatfield Chorus of “America The Brave” sung by baritone Marine Corps singer in ceremonial uniform. Applause. 11:12:00 Mark Hatfield introductions continue, presents Mrs Reagan’s pastor “Reverend Don Moomaw of the Bel-Air Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles” - pastor leads prayer “...we have not lived up to our personal or national potential...we confess our sin...we thank you God for the release of the hostages...” - CUs guests w/ eyes closed listening to prayer. Hatfield returns to microphone & wishes well departing President & Vice-President - applause. Introduces Justice Potter Stewart. 11:15:50 CU George H.W. Bush sworn in as Vice President, watched by Barbara - seen from vars angles. Mrs Bush kisses VP Bush. Marine military band plays national hymn “God of our Fathers”. Hatfield introduces Chief Justice. 11:19:32 Ronald Reagan sworn in as President by Chief Justice Warren Burger - kisses Nancy. Carter & Mondale applauding - ceremonial gun salute - Reagans wave from platform, congratulated by Carter. Continued... US Presidents; Inaugural Ceremonies; Governmental Ceremony; Republicans; Politics; Christian Religion; NOTE: Any continuous fifteen minutes of entire film sold at per reel rate, or entire 55 minutes sold at rate of three reels.

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